Home is supposed to be a personal place of relaxation, a place where you can get away from the hurly-burly of the outside world.
If your home isn't already this sanctuary, Vinny Lee and photographer Ray Main provide examples and explanations in their new book, "Coming Home: Spiritual Interiors."
The book looks at seven basic themes, including Primitive Spirit, for the outdoor types, and Comparative Style, for people with eclectic tastes.
There are explanations on which colors are said to calm people, how to arrange your furniture so that it speaks relaxation and how to create a flow of air in your home. Bold pictures and design help underline the book's mission to open a world of varying cultures, styles and textures.
Screens turn garagesinto pest-free hangout
Who wants to hang out in their dusty, bug-ridden garage? No one, according to Garage Door Screens, which is why they developed Fresh Air Screens.
The company says the screens transform garages into more livable spaces and allows users to benefit from fresh air and sunlight without pests.
The screen installs with a hook and loop material and has zippers, which enable entry without unhooking it. It rolls up when not in use and can remain installed.
Fresh Air Screens are available in regular and custom garage-door sizes. Prices begin at $89 for a 6-by-7-foot screen.
Purchase and other information can be found on the Web at www.garagedoorscreens.com.
Garage door openers
If your garage door opener is older than five years, upgrading to a new one can solve some problems. Many newer designs are very quiet and operate up to twice as fast as older models. G2
Sound can be substantially deadened between homes -- without spending a fortune. Wallboard is rather inexpensive, as is fiberglass insulation. G2

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