Marriage licenses
Barry K. Kirkpatrick, 39, of 906 Union St. S.W., Warren, and Tammy L. Goldner, 35, of same.
Andrew J. Kasiewicz, 23, of 17 Arms Blvd., Niles, and Melanie M. Deutsch, 20, of 1413 Robbins Ave., Niles.
Ryan I. White, 24, of 2983 Forest Ave., Niles, and Deborah A. McCall, 22, of same.
James V. McCartin, 41, of 1002 Leslie Lane, Girard, and Marie Dinard, 39, of same.
Donald C. Borsic, 29, of 1343 Churchill Circle, Naples, Fla., and Kristen E. Currington, 28, of 4070 Kincaid East N.W., Warren.
James E. Mooney, 23, of 215 E. Main St., West Farmington, and Lorena R. Lexso, 18, of same.
Jacob L. Earnhardt, 23, of 8837 McClure Circle, Charlotte, N.C., and Rachel M. Kuhn, 22, of same.
William M. Andamasaris, 21, of 160 Republic St., Warren, and Deanna L. Baker, 21, of 1961 Howland Wilson Road N.E., Warren.
Ken A. Stredney, 49, of 1546 Niles Cortland Road S.E., Warren, and Lisa M. Dando, 33, of same.
Joseph P. Mico, 42, of 145 Roche Way, Youngstown, and Carol A. VanMeter, 46, of 7348 Brookwood Drive, Brookfield.
Kevin A. Ferry, 27, of 6045 Shaffer Road, Warren, and Samantha R. Pitsinger, 22, of 663 Porter St. N.E., Warren.
Christopher L. Carpenter, 20, of 1992 S. Project, Warren, and Rosa L. Glunt, 20, of same.
Craig A. Brown Sr., 24, of 51 Larry Lane, Cortland, and Tabitha M. Rosenberger, 22, of same.
Charles H. Button, 37, of 712 Vine St., Warren, and Marie C. Douglas, 35, of same.
Mark J. Callahan, 53, of 3043 Niles Road, Warren, and Imaculada R. Gavilan, 38, of Madrid, Spain.
Evergreen Kipp, 28, of 978 Lorimer St., Brooklyn, N.Y., and Heather N. Minton, 23, of same.
William C. Flath, 79, of 803 Perkinswood S.E., Warren, and Elizabeth J. Atkin, 73, of 3121 Lodwick N.W., Warren.
Bryan C. Hastings, 34, of 31 Mahoning Court, Newton Falls, and Sheila K. Ramsey, 32, of same.
Brian K. Batson, 37, of 13 Olive St., Niles, and Marsha L. Milliron, 42, of same.
Edward M. Waggoner, 31, of 4110 Sodom Hutchings Road, Cortland, and Bonnie Peterson Bronson, 35, of 3945 Sodom Hutchings Road, Cortland.
Jacob B. Nash, 37, of 8250 Dawson Drive S.E., Warren, and Erin A. Barr, 30, of same.
Kevin L. Ague, 28, of 37 Abbey St., Girard, and Mary E. Maxwell, 26, of same.
Mark E. Irons, 46, of 6858 Benita Ave., Newton Falls, and Melissa M. Stewart, 36, of 230 Bane St., Newton Falls.
Ronald E. Higham, 25, of 34 West Second St., Girard, and Bambi L. Shiley, 23, of same.
Joshua T. Bye, 29, of 3476 Lakeside Drive, Mineral Ridge, and Angela L. Smith, 29, of 328 E. Federal St., Niles.
Robert J. Sirianni, 54, of 500 S. Stateline Road, Masury, and Linda A. Robakewicz, 53, of 1339 Kensington, Warren.
John A. Currence, 20, of 1016 Woodglen Drive, Newton Falls, and Sarah T. Grimes, 20, of 2467 Newton Tomlinson Road, Newton Falls.
Wesley L. Double, 59, of 720 Fern St., Masury, and Rhonda L. Davis, 37, of same.
Nicholas T. Tarr, 42, of 4726 Warren Sharon Road, Vienna, and Lucinda K. Horner, 42, of same.
James M. Blaner, 55, of 2701 Wilson Sharpsville Road, Cortland, and Dianne S. Joshua, 49, of 851 Florida Ave., McDonald.
Eric R. Madden, 22, of 1225 North Road, Niles, and Rachael A. Carlisle, 19, of 3886 Niles Carver Road, Mineral Ridge.
Marty L. Sweeney, 25, of 7198 Oakhill Drive, West Farmington, and Abigail L. Warluft, 25, of 2994 Selkirk Bush Road, Warren.
Michael A. Martini, 35, of 5594 King Graves Road, Vienna, and Cheryl R. Ceo, 37, of same.
Samer Mansour, 31, of 7118 Sunnydell Drive, Brookfield, and Rola Khanat, 23, of 3665 Arista Way, Mississauga, Ontario.
Mark Miklaucic, 29, of 740 Paige Ave., Warren, and Stacy Markley, 21, of same.
Mootaz J. Alhunaidi, 38, of 3801 Brendan Lane, North Olmstead, and Najah Mahmoud, 32, of 8107 Raglan Drive, Warren.
Jeremy A. Lynch, 25, of 37-53 62nd St., Woodside, N.Y., and Sarah A. Edgar, 24, of same.
Daniel G. Greene, 22, of 1765 Cranberry Lane, Warren, and Jessica M. Lamp, 23, of same.
Dale R. Ball, 22, of 336 East Ave. S.E., Warren, and Debra L. Ritter, 46, of 735 East Ave., Warren.
Ivan Melendez, legal age, of 340 Hager St., Hubbard, and Noemi Robles, legal age, of 251 E. Liberty St., Hubbard.
Robert J. Kauffman, 21, of 17406 Hosmer Road, Middlefield, and Lavina J. Mast, 22, of 9900 state Route 534, Middlefield.
Randall L. Ulrich, 36, of 2523 Bazetta Road, Warren, and Tracey L. Peterson, 35, of 342 Homewood S.E., Warren.
Dissolutions filed
Christopher R. Pees and Christine M. Pees.
Laurie Myers and Duane Myers.
Margaret L. Matthews and Ronald James Sr.
Jacqueline H. McCabe and Michael L. McCabe II.
Charlotte Pappada and James Pappada.
Sandra J. Long and William J. Long.
Jamie J. Petrich and Michele L. Petrich.
Divorces filed
Timothy W. Kantner vs. Aimie Kantner.
Terrance McGill vs. Janice E. McGill.
Norman A. Macias Jr. vs. Jennifer Macias.
Michelle L. Byers vs. Brent D. Byers.
Catherine J. Calko vs. William C. Nichols.
Caroline Hines vs. Brian A. Hines.
Mark A. Canzonetta vs. Lisa A. Canzonetta.
Jessica L. Andrews vs. Dale K. Andrews Jr.
Tajuanna M. Cleveland vs. Terrelle L. Cleveland.
Diane M. Boyce vs. Kenneth J. Boyce.
Patsy A. Dicristofaro vs. Kathryn E. Dicristofaro.
Larry A. Wilmoth vs. Cynthia D. Wilmoth.
Legal separation filed
April L. Lanum vs. Daren J. Lanum.
Cases dismissed
Edward H. Brown and Phyllis J. Brown.
Arvella L. Smith and Larry A. Smith.
Tammy L. Stull and Mark A. Stull.
Robin L. Clingerman and Joseph T. Hicks.
Ella M. Dumke and Bret D. Creekmore.
Bernadette Bednarick and Scott Morrison.
Dissolutions granted
Robert D. Sherbourne and Reta L. Sherbourne.
Stacie M. Givens and Kevin L. Givens.
David M. Clementi and Tammy D. Clementi.
Terri L. Ainsley and Keith E. Ainsley.
Cheryl Martindale and David Martindale.
Kevin L. Goldner and Kathy M. Goldner.
David R. Jones Jr. and Donna L. Jones.
Michael S. Uhlin and Noreen E. Uhlin.
Divorces granted
George J. Caban vs. Shannon M. Caban, divorce to both.
Robert D. Doherty vs. Rebecann C. Doherty, divorce to plaintiff.
Eileen Martin-Culet vs. Noel P. Martin-Culet, divorce to plaintiff, wife restores to name of Eileen Ring.
Melissa A. Wagaman vs. Brian L. Wagaman, divorce to plaintiff, wife restores to name of Melissa A. Hopper.
Peggy Harrison vs. Martin Harrison, divorce to plaintiff.
Dissolutions asked
Craig Andrews, 9102 Sprucevale Road, Rogers, and Amie Andrews, 121 1/2 W. Lincoln Way, Lisbon.
Bryan Doss, 989 Jones Drive, Salem, and Bobbi Jo Doss, 701 E. Fifth St., Salem.
Dissolutions granted
Dawn Price and John Price.
Divorces granted
Melba Merritt vs. William Merritt.
New complaints
Indiana Insurance vs. Sherry Barnes, money.
Erik Powell vs. Grange Mutual Casualty Insurance, personal injury.
Norman Spiker et al vs. Tina Peterson, money.
Docket entries
Hancock County Savings Bank vs. Louis Ward III, judgment for plaintiff.
Belinda Wellington vs. Tri Area Properties, judgment for plaintiff.
Real estate transfers
Jeann Aldrich to Donald Bouscher, East Liverpool, $165,000.
Beatrice Eaton to Dwaine Yost, Knox Twp., $50,000.
Farm Credit Services to Thaddeus Walker, Knox Twp., $86,000.
Veronica Cochran to Inta Grins, Lisbon, $93,000.
Donald Weisbarth to Matthew Weisbarth, Leetonia, $64,000.
Keith Wines to Rochelle Russell, Liverpool Twp., $65,000.
Beverly Farnsworth to Stace Farnsworth, Liverpool Twp., $65,000.
Ann Adornato to Terry Coulter, Liverpool Twp., $215,900.
Mike Taus and Associates to Robert Davis, Liverpool Twp., $20,000.

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