Can you believe this?
The totally appealing/appalling boy report, from Seventeen magazine:
My boyfriend and I had just gotten back to his house from a long hike, and we were both exhausted and dirty. He gave me some of his clothes to change into while mine were in the wash and made me my favorite dinner. Suddenly, it started pouring rain. He jumped up, ran out to his car and rolled down the windows -- I thought that was really strange. Then he ran back in and pulled me outside to where our song was playing on the car stereo. We danced in the rain; as our song ended, he looked into my eyes and said, "You are so beautiful. I love you."
I met this guy I was really into, and I flirted with him a lot. He seemed to like me, and one day he asked me out. I immediately said yes, and after class, I ran to my locker to tell my friends all about it. Right in the middle of my story, he caught up with me and said, "It was a dare! I don't really like you." Everyone in the hall heard what happened. I slapped him right across the face -- I couldn't help it.
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