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Sure, you could eat a bowl of cereal every morning for the rest of your life. But don't come crying to us when you're bored to tears at the sight of soggy cornflakes. Banish breakfast boredom (and catch a few extra minutes of shut-eye) with Tropicana Smoothies, a new line of fruit and yogurt drinks from the OJ experts.
The 12-ounce smoothies come in four fruity flavors: mixed berry, peach, tropical orange and strawberry. (At least one of those is bound to tickle your tongue.) They taste great, but that's just one perk. These things are packed with nutrition -- 5 grams of fiber, 4 grams of protein, and 14 vitamins and minerals, not to mention 25 percent of the calcium you need each day. All packed into a handy, take-anywhere bottle that you can grab from the fridge in two seconds flat. Pick up Tropicana Smoothies for about two bucks each at supermarkets. Want more details? Visit
Dorm d & eacute;cor
Until cinder blocks become the "in" thing in interior decorating, dorm rooms need a little help to be hip. Fortunately, help is here. Designer Todd Oldham has created a collection of awesome accessories that has us giddy with back-to-school excitement. "Todd Oldham Dorm Room" -- available exclusively at Target and -- features items sure to make your residence-hall home look less like a cave and more like a castle.
There's so much to love in this line, we can't even pick a favorite. The colors are bold and bright, the patterns have just a hint of kitsch, and the products themselves are functional enough to win Mom's approval. This collection's got it all, from a star-sprinkled laundry basket to a cool butterfly chair with a reversible cover. (Because textbooks are important, but comfortable seating is crucial.) Products range in price from a couple of bucks for pencil-top erasers to about $60 for a set of bedding.
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