The Vindicator asked its hundreds of News Contacts Wednesday for their thoughts on GM's decision to

The Vindicator asked its hundreds of News Contacts Wednesday for their thoughts on GM's decision to produce a new line of small cars at the Lordstown plant, securing its future:
Good news for General Motors Lordstown is good news for every Valley resident. A secure future for the GM plant will mean a brighter future for everyone.
Eileen Bodendorfer
GM's decision regarding the Lordstown plant is an acknowledgment of the hard work and commitment shown by the employees, the union and the management of the plant. They are the ones to be congratulated for working together to keep the plant operating. Kudos!
Sophie Romack
Don't kid yourself. The announcement that GM will assign a new car to Lordstown means status quo at best, if not a reduction in employment. GM has previously said that they have to reduce cost to remain competitive and retain market share. So, it is a no brainer: The only way to cut manufacturing cost, without asking for wage concessions, is to cut jobs. The announcement is good and bad news.
Thaddeus Price
I'm happy to see something is going right in this economy. I was there when the mills closed, and that wasn't good. This should help the Valley. Good luck to the workers.
Carilla Marsh
Maple Valley, Wash., formerly of Youngstown
Both the UAW and GM management should be commended on their efforts toward maintaining and enhancing GM's presence in the Valley. This demonstrates how labor and management can work together recognizing the bond that must exist to sustain a community's vitality. Congratulations to both parties for a job well done.
Tom Flynn
GM's decision to bring their new small car line to Lordstown is the best news our Valley has had since the '60s. This is a testimonial to what government, corporations and unions can do when they work together. Perhaps it is a step toward eliminating our local "us vs. them" mentality.
Harry E. "Bud" Ross
The GM announcement is wonderful for the area! It's critically important that jobs are retained. The Valley cannot afford to have another major business closing. Hopefully, the new line will ensure the plant's operation for years in the future.
Ginny Wolf
Lake Milton
Everyone here is jumping the gun about the jobs staying here. What everyone is not thinking is, look at the amount of money they plan to spend to redo this plant. What that should tell you is that they will be modernizing and will need less workers. Think about it.
Liz Solvay
The workers deserve this. They worked very hard with the company to make this happen. Good for them!
Vinny Carkido
This area depends heavily on the success of the plant, and to lose it would be devastating in many ways. Hopefully, the new line of cars will allow Lordstown's growth and not eliminate jobs as many anticipate will happen.
Dawn DeArmitt
Now, give the general public some good news. What we want to hear is "General Motors is holding open interviews. You no longer have to be a friend or family member of a current employee to get an application. We are now an equal opportunity employer!"
MaryAnn Dickson
Congratulations to both labor and management. It took a team effort to bring the new car to the area. GM made the right decision, and our entire Valley is proud of everyone that contributed to that decision. Thanks to all of you. We needed that.
Charles P. Reid
I think it's very good news. It's wonderful to hear some positive economic news.
Kathy Woodall
The management of Lordstown, in conjunction with the labor unions, have worked diligently in concert to bring about this project. I think that everyone in the Valley feels proud today that GM has the faith in the management and the employees of this area to award us the half a billion dollar project. It's like winning the lottery. So many people benefit either directly or indirectly.
Kenneth J. Wilson
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