Bush needs to make far stronger case for invasion

Bush needs to make far stronger case for invasion
So the United States is going to send in thousands of troops and spend millions of dollars to whack Saddam Hussein? Great. Then what?
Iraq has been ruled by thugs and hit men for more than 40 years. Are we merely going to install our thug and leave?
Ridding the world of Saddam's weapons of mass destruction is not enough reason for a preemptive strike, especially since box cutters and suicide bombers -- the weapons of mass destruction used on September 11 -- are still widely available.
President Bush needs to make a clear case for invading Iraq. More important, he needs to present a clear plan for stabilizing the region once he's finished off Saddam Hussein.
Mineral Ridge
Shouldn't cops care about those who run red lights?
The other night my wife and I were returning from a function in Youngstown, driving south on Market Street. We were part of a group of traffic that included a city police car, marked " No. 206, Youngstown Pride & amp; Commitment." When we came to a red light at Market and Warren, the car beside us (the car directly in front of the police car) stopped briefly and then went right through the red light.
The light changed soon after, and as we approached the next red light at Market and Dewey, the light-running car now ahead of us stopped briefly and then rolled on through that light as well.
It was a pleasant evening, and our windows were rolled down -- as were the windows of the police car, now next to us in the adjacent lane. I leaned out and asked the officer sitting on the passenger side why they continued to ignore the car running the stop lights right in front of them. He shrugged and said, "It happens all the time."
Well, sure it happens all the time, and now I understand why. But if Youngstown's "Pride and Commitment" doesn't consider it necessary to enforce the Market Street signals, why aren't the signals removed?
I work in Youngstown (and pay city taxes), and I am sure there are a lot of people besides me who would like to encounter fewer signals on Market Street when we are commuting to work. Or is it simply OK for the rest of us to share the attitude of the other driver and the police?
Voting for Jim Traficant won't help the Valley
Tuesday, July 30, was a very sad day for the 17th district. Mr. Traficant had been our congressman for so long he was part of the family.
Although he was very unusual in his tactics and style, we embraced him as a parent would a problem child. It was very sad to see the 17th district's favorite son hauled off to prison.
However, we must realize that a vote for Mr. Traficant while he's in prison would do the district no good. We must embrace change for the good of the district. I support Ann Womer Benjamin as my candidate for Congress. I need my conscience more than Mr. Traficant needs my vote.
Taft should debate Hagan
Is there an election for governor coming in November? You wouldn't know it from Gov. Taft. The governor has yet to agree to (or decline) a series of eight debates with challenger Tim Hagan. Hagan has agreed to all eight. He recently unveiled a "Debate Dodger" poster of Taft. Looks like he's right.