BOARDMAN Residents agree to pay for part of traffic survey

Trustees are waiting on the residents to come forward with the money.
BOARDMAN -- Homeowners in the Forest Glen subdivision want traffic concerns in their neighborhood to be addressed and are willing to pay for part of a survey.
Representatives of the Forest Glen Homeowners Association have agreed to pay a third of the cost for a $9,700 traffic survey for the area. The township will pick up the remaining two-thirds.
Trustees determined it was necessary for the residents to pay some of the survey cost to take some of the burden off taxpayers.
They said the township could not afford to solely pay for similar surveys across the township if each neighborhood asked to have one conducted.
Forest Glen homeowners, however, say the $3,200 is worth solving their traffic concerns. Bob Fulton, Forest Glen homeowner, speaking on behalf of his neighbors, told trustees that residents have no problem paying the money.
"We are looking to solve these problems, and if that means spending our own money, we are definitely willing to do that," said Fulton.
Fulton said a series of events the past several years led to the homeowners' concerns.
Trash and traffic
A main issue is the traffic on Overhill Drive, which runs between Market Street and Glenwood Avenue, and traffic on Oak Knoll Drive, which abuts Shields Road. Residents believe drivers use those roads to avoid traffic lights and other delays on main streets. According to Fulton, many drivers also carelessly throw trash out of car windows as they drive through the area.
About 4,600 vehicles travel Overhill Road each day, according to a 2000 survey, said road Superintendent Gary Dawson.
"We want measures that will eliminate cut-through traffic and restrict the area to residents as much as possible," said Fulton.
Residents have proposed remedies such as reconfiguring intersections, adding pedestrian crosswalk areas between lanes of traffic and adding stop signs.
Another suggestion is to close the south end of Oak Knoll Drive or to create one-way exits on certain streets. It will not be known until after the area is surveyed what measures can be taken and who will be responsible for paying for any potential changes.
The survey will be conducted as soon as residents put up their share of the money.

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