YOUNGSTOWN Victim's girlfriend says defendant fired the fatal shots

The shooting was preceded by a fight between the victim and two suspects, the witness said.
YOUNGSTOWN -- Cicely Floyd said she watched out her window in shock as her boyfriend fled into what a prosecutor called an ambush.
Then she pointed at Lorice Moore and said he was the one who fired the fatal shots.
Moore, 25, of McGuffey Road, is on trial in Mahoning County Common Pleas Court for murder. The trial was to continue today in the courtroom of Judge Maureen A. Cronin.
Prosecutors say Moore shot and killed 29-year-old Stephen Shackleford in March outside Shackleford's home on McBride Street.
Floyd, who had dated Shackleford for about a year, said he told her he'd gotten into a fight with Armin Moore, who is Lorice Moore's cousin, about 20 minutes before the shooting. She did not know why they fought.
During the fight, Lorice Moore punched Shackleford, after which Shackleford went home, Floyd said.
She said the Moores later returned with Eddie Bryant and Calvin Moore, who is Lorice Moore's brother. All four had guns, she said.
What witness told court
Floyd said she saw Shackleford arguing with the four armed men outside the front door of his house. No shots were fired and no punches were thrown.
Afterward, Shackleford walked to Floyd's house, which was just up the block. He stayed less than five minutes, then walked back to his own house.
Floyd said she saw Shackleford walk in the front door of his house, then saw him run out the back door moments later. Lorice Moore was behind him, firing at Shackleford as he ran, Floyd said.
She said Bryant stepped out from beside an adjacent building and also fired.
"He ran out the door into an ambush," Assistant Prosecutor Michael Maillis said in his opening statement.
Defense attorney Gary Van Brocklin said it was Bryant, not Moore, who fired the fatal shots.
During cross-examination, Floyd said she saw fire coming from the barrel of Bryant's gun as he was shooting, but did not see fire from Lorice Moore's gun.
However, Maillis said Shackleford was shot three times in the back.
A jury found Bryant innocent of murder in July. Under Ohio's law against double jeopardy, he cannot be tried again.
Calvin Moore and Armin Moore are still awaiting trial.

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