WARREN Restaurant offers Net service

A few desktop computers will be installed in the fall.
WARREN -- Internet connections are now being served with the coffee at one downtown lunch spot.
Customers at North Perk are connecting their laptops to the Internet through a wireless DSL connection, with a range of about 300 feet around the Courthouse Square restaurant.
The connection works like a wireless telephone and is about as fast as a cable modem, said Lance Fensterman, one of North Perk's owners.
If your laptop already has a wireless network card, all you have to do is punch in the right frequency and begin surfing. Many laptops already have the hardware, he said.
"Lawyers and workers for the county are the majority of our customers," Fensterman said. "More and more of their offices have wireless internal networks."
He said the restaurant plans to acquire some extra network cards, which cost about $40 each, to lend to laptop owners who don't have one.
There are no plans to charge for the service -- just yet.
"If it turns out it is a popular item, we all have a capitalistic urge," he said. "If there is a good demand, I don't mind charging for supply."
The cafe also plans to install two desktop computers next month for customer use.
The connection will not be screened, so customers can view whatever pages they like.

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