SITES | On the map

SITES | On the map
The city's tourism board is publishing a brochure depicting sites in the city with ties to the Underground Railroad or the anti-slavery movement. Here are some of the sites included in the publication.
UDaniel Howell-Hise Home, 1100 Franklin Ave. Hise was an abolitionist who kept a diary that recounts his work aiding slaves.
UBenjamin and Elizabeth Jones Home, 829 S. Lincoln Ave. The Joneses were editors of the Salem-based "Anti-Slavery Bugle."
UCarpenter Shop of Sam Reynolds, 274 N. Ellsworth Ave. Also known as Liberty Hall, this building was the meeting place for an anti-slavery society.
UJohn Street Sr. Home, 631 N. Ellsworth Ave. A station on the Underground Railroad. Includes several hiding places and there are stories of a tunnel that once existed.
UMarius Robinson Home, 412 N. Lincoln Ave. Robinson was an abolitionist who was tarred-and-feathered in 1837 after a presentation in Berlin Center.
UFreedom Hall, 208 S. Broadway Ave. Houses the Salem Historical Society's collection of Civil War and anti-slavery artifacts.
Source: Salem Tourism Advisory Board

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