YOUNGSTOWN Neighbors arrested in burglary

One of the two burglary suspects said he was trying to help the woman after seeing the other man break into her home.
YOUNGSTOWN -- When city police awakened an 84-year-old woman after her house alarm went off, she found a hatchet in her bedroom doorway and discovered that police had arrested a neighbor who they say broke into her home. A second neighbor was found in the home minutes later.
Police responded to an alarm at the Manhattan Avenue home around 3:40 a.m. Saturday and found a broken basement window and open back door, police reports show.
Eric Smith, 21, was found standing at the back door. Police say he then ran inside and was arrested at the front door on a charge of aggravated burglary. He was sweating, his arm was bleeding, he had glass particles on his clothes, and the knees of his pants were wet.
He told police he was trying to help the woman because he saw a man he knows break into the house.
A second suspect
Police then woke the woman, who said the hatchet was not hers and she did not know where it had come from.
After police went back outside, they heard the woman scream and went in and found a man hiding behind a television. Police arrested Ronald Trimble, 19, on aggravated burglary charges. His head was bleeding, and there were glass particles on the floor where he was arrested, police say.
Police said they also found miscellaneous personal papers from the woman's bedroom near Trimble's hiding place.

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