Valley voters must choose new plan of action

Where do we go from here? We have no place to go but up. The "Big Kahuna" crook is where he should have been a long time ago -- thanks to many people. There are still a few who must pay for their actions but, by and large, we can now move ahead, if we choose to. This Valley has been stagnant for far too long.
How can we do this? Just make some right moves to get the ball rolling. Our so called "leaders" must stop pursuing their own personal agendas. They must stop trying to shove white elephants down our throats. The common good should be the theme.
I have lived in this Valley for 81 years. A lot of water has gone over the dam in that time. Never have we been in the shape we now find ourselves in. It is time for very serious thinking. The next election will be crucial. We must make the right choices.
Our percentage of voter turnout is shameful. A person's vote is powerful and important. It is no wonder that this Valley could fill a wing of a penitentiary with its crooks. They depend on your not voting. If you are eligible to vote and you dont -- shame on you. Thousands have died for that right and privilege. Also if you are eligible to vote and you don't, you have nothing to say about the results. It's none of your business and your opinion is worthless.
I am a registered Democrat and have voted in every election, save the war years. I have never voted for J. Traficant for any position. Now I find that, once again, I must split my vote.
The Democratic Party, in this district, has nothing to offer, at this time. Their endorsed candidate is so weak that it is not only ludicrous, it is insulting, He was tutored by the now-disgraced congressman. Who needs him? He has nothing to offer. No experience. No accomplishments. Nothing but rhetoric. God knows we have enough of that. More than we need. By the way -- he was the second choice of a large union. Does that tell you something? I hope so. This is not time for on the job training. We need help now. The key word is now.
The voting mentality of this Valley must change. Just because a person has a D or an R beside his/her name should not matter. The important question we must ask ourselves is: "Who is the most qualified for the office?" If we allow our vote to be swayed by an endorsement or party affiliation, we then become followers. We are no longer individual thinkers.
I prefer not to be a lemming. I will think for myself.

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