Son, 12, should have chance to play, too

Son, 12, should havechance to play, too
I would like to commend Dr. James Smith for writing the letter about little league baseball. This unfairness apparently goes on everywhere.
We live in Canfield and my son, 12 years, was faced with a similar situation. He and a few others always sat the bench, game after game, while the same kids got to play, time after time. It certainly wore down my son's spirit and his confidence.
It is supposed to be community baseball for all who sign up, not just for a select few. I can't understand how grown men (the coaches), in good conscience, can sit the same kids out, game after game. It is heartbreaking.
We have to remember this game is for the kids, not a competition among coaches. It's not about winning, but teaching them the fundamentals of the game and good sportsmanship. Now how can they learn this when the coaches themselves are so unfair?
My son is going to persevere and play again next year, but I certainly hope he has a better experience and gets a coach who will play more than just two innings a game. He truly loves the game of baseball. He deserves to play, so do many others.
Rose McClune

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