WARREN Direct deposit error affects employees

The problem affected employees of the city, school district and a steel company.
WARREN -- When city employees who have their paychecks directly deposited in the bank checked their accounts Thursday evening, the money wasn't there.
"The company that handles our payroll accounts has some new personnel, and they didn't process our payroll on time," said Auditor David Griffing.
It's the second time the problem has cropped up in a month.
Dave Kellerman, executive vice president and chief financial officer at Second National Bank, which handles the city's payroll, said the procedural error affected employees of the city, Warren City Schools and Taylor Steel who have their checks directly deposited.
In response
The bank is writing letters to those employees affected. Kellerman said procedures have been put into place to ensure that those affected have access to their money. They just need to show identification, he said.
"It will be made right by the end of the day," Griffing said.
Those who receive a check rather than having their pay directly deposited weren't affected.
Griffing said he understands employees' frustration. He's been encouraging all employees to switch to direct deposit to cut down on work for his office. Because the problem occurred twice in the past month, some who opted for direct deposit are switching back, the auditor said.
Kellerman said those affected also would receive $5 as part of the bank's "Oops Program."
"It's part of our commitment to service," he said.

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