Divorces asked
Billie Coe, 8851 Lowmiller Road, Minerva, vs. Judith Coe, 506 Superior, Minerva.
Jodi Shannon, 360 N. Shady Lane, East Liverpool, vs. Robert Shannon, 16686 Dunn Road, East Liverpool.
Divorces granted
Amanda Simpach vs. James Simpach.
Rhonda Swindell vs. Thomas Swindell.
Denise Delilo vs. Robert Delilo.
Jeffrey Stryffeler vs. Bonnie Stryffeler.
Lorna Guy vs. Jeffrey Guy.
Dissolutions asked
Lisa Courtwright, 4471 Stoffer Road, Homeworth, and Ray Courtwright, 616 W. Oregon, Sebring.
Lee Taylor, 28398 Hartley Road, Beloit, and Lynn Taylor, 28398 Hartley Road.
John Blakenship, 1184 W. Perry St., Salem, and Tammy Blakenship, 649 E. Eighth St., Salem.
Dissolutions granted
Janet Wischerman and William Wischerman.
New complaints
Conseco Finance Servicing vs. Charles Rearley, money.
Real estate transfers
Bank One to David Mellinger, St. Clair Twp., $30,000.
James Bowersock to Dorothy Barry, St. Clair Twp., $130,000.
Viola Adams to Richard Isenschmid, Butler Twp., $22,000.
Robert Beeson to Matthew Mason, Salem, $65,000.
Charles Cusick to David Sexton, Leetonia, $35,000.
Monica Madison to Perry Arter, Elkrun Twp., $93,000.
John Ewing to Michael Sanor, Wayne Twp., $135,000.
Federal Home Loan to James Lowe, East Liverpool, $15,000.
Marion Perkins to Cheryl Hinton, East Liverpool, $75,000.
Roger Crouch to Annette Fleming, East Liverpool, $8,500.
Helen Tice to James Kelly, East Liverpool, $15,000.
Nancy Kittle to David Malcomson, East Liverpool, $24,000.
Glenn Bouscher to Roy Huffman, East Liverpool, $67,000.
Mark Eisenhart to David Ward, East Liverpool, $55,000.
Marion Perkins to John Lawrence, Liverpool Twp., $45,000.
Klare Meek to Mary Thompson, East Palestine, $45,000.
Edward Morgan to LaVern Gossman, Washington Twp., $30,000.
Kenneth Tennant to Harry Spencer, Wayne Twp., $3,500.
David Patterson to Arthur Berkheimer, Center Twp., $4,000.
Edward Bush to Robert Bishop, Unity Twp., $5,000.
Sue Green to James Coleman, Yellow Creek Twp., $55,000.
Scott Blackburn to Sharon Ritterspach, Lisbon, $88,900.
Bank One to Tricia Hammon, Salem Twp., $71,000.
John Klempay to Leonard Phillips, Salem Twp., $225,000.
Joseph Toth to Robert Flickinger, Perry Twp., $62,000.
Master Plan Builders to Shaffer and Son Construction, Perry Twp., $27,500.
Frederick Bell to Alfonso Palmon, Middleton Twp., $200.
Lonnie Poppelreuter to Matthew Morrissey, Lisbon, $136,000.
Marriage licenses
Kevin P. Burkey, 37, of 594 Youngstown-Poland Road #C, Struthers, and Debra J. Secre, 38, of 14254 Youngstown-Pittsburgh Road, Petersburg.
Robert M. McAllister, legal age, 9863 Struthers Road, New Middletown, and Deborah L. Giering, legal age, 157 Clifton Drive, Boardman.
Clyde Wilson, 66, of 2941 Regal N.W., Warren, and Belinda F. Miller, 51, of 550 W. Judson Ave., Youngstown.
Lamont D. Lundy, 40, of 169 Upland Ave., Youngstown, and Yalonda D. Smith, 29, of same.
Richard D. Joy Jr., 28, of 120 W. Pine St., #2, Lisbon, and Monica L. Jones, 23, of 436 Seventh St., Struthers.
Christopher A. Gallagher, 20, of 3664 Maple Springs Drive, Canfield, and Jennifer A. Remias, 20, of same.
John R. Evans, 57, of 1273 Redtail Hawk Drive #4, Boardman, and Linda L. Baun, 50, of 102 Kleber Ave., Austintown.
Kevin W. McElwee, 30, of 2944 Evelyn Road, Youngstown, and Tina M. Kinney, 27, of same.
Ryan A. Cozart, 27, of 2216 Venloe Drive, Poland, and Heather L. Burkey, 26, of 63 Woodland Drive, New Middletown.
Sergius F. Kovalchuk, 51, Houston, Texas, and Carola S. McClain, 43, of same.
Fred H. Lewis III, 32, of 171 N. Beverly Ave., Austintown, and Jennifer N. Mitchell, 23, of 1207 E. Indianola Ave., Youngstown.
Nathaniel J. Morgan, 22, Beaver Falls, Pa., and Laura L. Gruber, 24, Beaver Falls.
Sean T. Wardle, 24, of 3624 Hunters Hill, Poland, and Michelle L. Rizzo, 22, of 329 Deer Creek Drive, Struthers.
Steven J. Mattern, 28, of 250 Wychwood Lane, Youngstown, and Genene L. Wilson, 33, of same.
James W. Rea, 21, of 18395 Fifth St. #203-W, Beloit, and Melissa S. Wilson, 18, of same.
James R. McGahan, 18, of 141 Ayers St., Youngstown, and Holly M. Shall, 19, of same.
Divorces asked
George G. Ellis Jr., 5901 Sharon Drive, Boardman, vs. Suzanne Ellis, 5901 Sharon Drive, Boardman.
Ellen T. Hall, 415 Rockdale Ave., Apt. 1, Boardman, vs. Hollis R. Hall, 1721 Brandon Ave., Poland.
Stephanie Westhead, 377 Division St., Youngstown, vs. George C. Westhead, 25 Eleanor Ave., Youngstown.
Linda M. Allaby, 65 Stewart Ave., Struthers, vs. Paul A. Allaby, 53 Frank St., Struthers.
Dissolutions asked
Gregory J. Butch, 13280 Beaver Creek Road, Salem, and Dawn R. Greenleaf-Butch, 22 Como St., Struthers.
New complaints
Wayne Mancino vs. Donald Norris et al, money.
County treasurer vs. Stephen P. Fercana Jr. et al, taxes, assessments, penalties and interest, foreclosure and relief.
Geico General Insurance et al vs. Lashonda Shavers et al, money.
Dennis A. DiMartino LPA Inc. vs. Mark L. Rakocy et al, money.
Raymond H. Quinlan et al vs. Fabricating Source Inc. et al, money.
Chase Manhattan vs. Lucky L. Lattea Jr. et al, foreclosure.
Ethel J. Petruska et al vs. Joseph A. Sigurani, money.
Tonya Haynes vs. Richard M. Kalapos et al, money.
Clinton M. Brown vs. K.T. Lyden Construction et al, workers' compensation.
Janell Howell vs. Shell Oil & amp; Gas et al, money.
Alice Bobo et al vs. Willie Friday et al, money.
Probate Court
Will of William M. Deardurff III: estate to wife, Carolyn.
Will of Joseph E. Chepke Sr.: estate to wife, Cecilia.
Will of Mary C. Mayerchak: estate to children, Mary E. Puhala, Louise E. DePietro, Joanne C. Yurco, Andrew and and Patricia A. Mayerchak, with specific bequests.
Will of Joseph Elyko: estate to children, Denise Saltsman and Richard C. Elyko, with specific bequests.
Will of William J. Gallagher: estate to daughter, Noeleen Miller.
Will of Carl M. Van Putten: estate to sister, Dorothy Radatz.
Will of Marjorie L. Kaiser: estate to children, Shirley A. Jindra and David H. Kaiser, with specific bequests.
Real estate transfers
Robert Targett et al to D. Brett Rogers, Beaver Twp., $120,000.
Linda L. Batcha to Joseph D. Staraitis et al, Austintown Twp., $75,000.
Douglas J. DiLoreto to William J. Mazza et al, Youngstown, $53,000.
Mayo & amp; Associates Inc. to Christy L. Stein, Boardman Twp., $109,000.
Michael L. Puhalla et al to Raymond Sargo, Poland Twp., $135,000.
James R. Frklech et al to Amy L. Haines, Austintown Twp., $89,000.
Joyce I. Irwin to Eric R. Faubel et al, Struthers, $55,000.
John Sokol et al to Jock M. Hale et al, Boardman Twp., $104,000.
Mary A. Schleicher to Patrick F. O'Brien, Boardman Twp., $35,000.
Bank One to Neo & amp; Bailey Investments, Youngstown, $12,500.
June L. Stahl to Rocco Corbisello, Canfield Twp., $77,900.
Villa Rosa Gardens Ltd. to Santi N. Nallapaneni, Canfield Twp., $55,000.
Madeleine M. Cavaretta to Linda L. Moll, Canfield Twp., $107,000.
Earl C. Slagle et al to Beatrice A. Olson, Green Twp., $15,000.
Interbay Funding LLC to Antoni Szkaradek, Youngstown, $3,937.
Roger Colla et al to Thomas Weber et al, Boardman Twp., $195,375.
Edward J. Fromm et al to Marlene R. Fekete, Canfield, $222,750.
DeniseGreen to James Carter, Youngstown, $5,000.
Nancy L. Fantone et al to Virginia S. Village, Youngstown, $42,450.
Anna M. Strabala to Poland Twp. Board of Trustees, Poland Twp., $50,000.
Bankruptcies/Chapter 7
Michael L. and Marla S. Hermann, 9844 N. Palmyra Road, Canfield, he: Eastern Offset; she: Greentree Gardens; liabilities, $101,550; assets, $2,650.
Brenda L. Stanley aka Brenda L. Reidy, 14939 French St., P.O. Box 321, Damascus, day care, self-employed; liabilities, $64,090; assets, $12,600.
Ferdinando R. III and Catherine S. Nolfi, aka Catherine S. Ross, 205 W. Wood St., Lowellville, he: plumber, State Line Plumbing; she: homemaker; liabilities, $142,890; assets, $84,665.
Paul W. III and Debra S. Wright, 151 S. Dehoff Drive, Youngstown, he: sprinkler fitter, Capital Fire Protection; she: homemaker; liabilities, $34,214; assets, $6,450.
Joseph A. Nocera, 7244 Forest Hill Ave., Poland, and Kim R. Nocera, 425 Mathews Road, Boardman, he: steelworker, Thomas Strip Steel; she: hair stylist, Regis Salon; liabilities, $155,567; assets, $123,774.

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