Can you believe this?
The totally appealing/appalling boy report:
Sweet: My boyfriend was training for the U.S. Air Force last summer in Texas. I was stuck home in Chicago. I missed him so much, especially on my 19th birthday when he wasn't here to give me a birthday kiss. However, he made it up to me by sending 19 long-stemmed red roses and having every man in his company join him in singing "Happy Birthday" to me over the phone! It wasn't as good as a kiss, but to me it was pretty close!
Slimy: I met an incredibly hot guy on vacation in Mexico. We practically fell in love as soon as our eyes met! He told me he'd been alone for a long time and couldn't believe that now he'd found the love of his life. We lived far apart but exchanged e-mail addresses and kept in touch constantly. Then, one day, he got online and said, "Today I saw this gorgeous girl at a party and we started talking. She's so great! She lives close by and, well, I wish it were you, but maybe some other time." I never heard from him again.

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