CHAMPION Trustees approve levy for Nov. 5 election ballot

Trustees say they'll check into a builder's latest project plan.
CHAMPION -- Township trustees approved Monday putting a new five-year 1-mill police operating levy on the Nov. 5 general election ballot that would generate $149,168 annually.
Trustees said the levy would cost the owner of a $100,000 property about 18 cents per day. Trustee Jeff Hovanic noted the township hasn't had any new levies since 1995.
Building dispute
Trustees heard Dan O'Shaughnessy and Linda Reese object to a contractor's building more houses on their street, state Route 305 West, where there is already a stagnant water problem.
O'Shaughnessy said the builder's lots do not have adequate drainage for their septic systems and asked that trustees put a stop to his building.
Reese said the land is flat and water can't drain. Instead, it flows into the already stagnant water there, creating an even greater mosquito problem.
Hovanic said trustees contacted the Trumbull County Planning Commission and Board of Health about site and was told that & quot;up to this point, he conformed to the law. & quot;
The contractor has built two housing units.
Hovanic noted, however, that trustees were told Monday the contractor might not now be within Trumbull County subdivision regulations, and the trustees will look into it.
O'Shaughnessy noted duplexes require 125-foot frontage and the lot in question only has 98-feet 4-inch frontage. Also, he said, subdivisions have to be reviewed by the planning commission each time property is subdivided. He said the builder bought 60 acres and managed to subdivide three times in one day.
Other business
Trustees & quot;regretfully" accepted the resignation of their clerk of 23 years, Carol Deehr, effective Aug. 31, and named Tom Tracey to fill her unexpired term. The seat will be up for election in November 2003.
Trustees approved putting on this November's ballot the question of electricity through First Energy. First Energy estimates that there could be a 30- to 50-percent savings per year on its electricity plan, depending on usage.
Trustees announced a second mosquito spraying for Aug. 28.

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