Video poker
A style of video poker -- an electronic five-card-draw poker game -- that is becoming more popular allows the bettor to play more than one hand at a time.
The machines work like this: The player makes the initial wager that includes how many hands are to be played and how much should be wagered on each. For instance, a so-called triple-play game allows the bettor to play three hands.
After being dealt an initial hand, the bettor chooses which cards to hold, and those become his hold cards for all three hands.
When the bettor draws cards, each hand is filled from a separate virtual deck using the same hold cards. For example, rather than playing one hand for $3, the player can wager on three hands at $1 each.
The practical, and significant, effect is this: The volatility on the player's bankroll is lessened, meaning the chances of going broke are less, but so are the chances of hitting a giant jackpot, since there will be a smaller bet on a big winning hand, such as a royal flush.

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