LAKESIDE GOLF COURSE Father and son share ace experience on same hole

Ryan Pisella and Mike Harmicar have both aced the No. 6 hole.
LAKE MILTON -- Ryan Pisella made a hole-in-one July 8 on the 190-yard, No. 6 hole at Lakeside Golf Course, using a 7-iron.
"I made the ace on my father's [Mike Harmicar, 52] birthday and he was there with me," said Pisella, 25, of Canfield.
Twenty-five years ago, Harmicar made an ace on the same hole.
"It was excitement and disbelief for my father, who had made his in 1977," Pisella said.
"After we walked up to the green and found that the ball was in the hole, I turned to my dad and said happy birthday."
Best score
Pisella has been playing golf for eight years and the ace he made helped him to his best nine-hole score of 37.
"I couldn't believe I did that; 190 yards is a good way," Pisella said of his ace.
"The shot went off the tee real good and it had to clear a pond," he said. "Once it did that, it was short of the green. After one or two bounces, it landed on the green."
With the green sloping to the right, the ball hit on the left side and rolled toward the pin.
"At that distance it was difficult to tell if it had landed in front or in back of the pin," Pisella said. "As we drove our carts to the green, we didn't see the ball and it kind of assured us that the ball had gone in the hole."
His father also made his ace when he was 27 years old.
"When I was 10 years old, I looked at the trophy my father had for making his ace," Pisella said.
"I wondered what it was, because on top of it was a big No. 1, with a hole cut in the center of it," Pisella said. "It turned out that trophy I had seen on the shelf all those years would represent the same hole that I would ace 15 years later on Dad's birthday."
Longest par-3
Pisella feels fortunate about making the hole-in-one because of the distance, which is the longest par-3 hole on the course.
Harmicar plays in the Waynco League at Olde Dutch Mill Golf Course in Lake Milton.
Asked how his team has done, he said, "We are the average hackers."
Harmicar has been playing golf for 30 years and made his ace after about five years.
"My father was surprised and he thought it was unusual and unique that I made the ace on his birthday on the same hole he did 25 years ago," said Pisella.
"We play golf together during the summer an average of about every two weeks."
Pisella previously shot two rounds of 38, one at Lakeside and one on a course in Michigan when he was in the military.

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