If there's a strike at YSU, students won't just wait

This is concerning YSU overall, including the strike that looms. I am going into my fourth year there. In 4 years, tuition has been raised every term (quarters and semesters). The switch from quarters to semesters was very disorganized, and I speak for many when I can say that it is now taking people an extra year to finish a two- or four-year degree. Also concerning tuition hikes, are we going to be paying for the current staff and the new staff that Dr. David Sweet, university president, supposedly needs to hire for extra assistance?
I also would like to know if I am going to be going to school in the fall too. I mean, the contracts at YSU are up on August 21, 2002. School starts shortly there after. Some of us have jobs (2 or 3, to afford the ridiculous cost of tuition) and want to know when we are available to work since some classes take up so much time. I called my major's department at YSU to find out my lab times, and couldn't get an answer because of the strike that may happen, so now I am supposed to put my life on hold for YSU to get their act together.
Another complaint concerning YSU is this, if a strike is on the edge of happening, why do we need special grass for the football field, and a new dorm for students, and such great ads for all the & quot;Success Stories & quot; at YSU? All this is going to be a waste for YSU if people strike cause they will have a sudden drop in enrollment, and the University of Akron or Kent State University or other Ohio universities a sudden increase in enrollment, cause I know that students won't wait around another year for classes offered once a year at YSU if they can't get them in the fall.
And for all the politicians out there, if education is such an important thing, and if the platform for all the campaigns for public office, why all the cuts in further education?
Sweet and/or YSU, please settle these issues, or you will be begging students not to strike such a pathetic school.