BOARDMAN POLICE Lt. John M. Rosensteel

Episodes of questionable conduct in the past two years cited by Police Chief Jeffrey Patterson against Lt. John M. Rosensteel.
Sept. 11, 2001: Rosensteel, who had been drinking, was involved in an off-duty one-vehicle traffic crash on South Avenue. He fled the scene of the crash on foot in the presence of another Boardman police officer.
Jan. 17, 2001: Failed to attend a mandatory supervisors meeting after receiving prior notice.
Jan. 22, 2001: The department was contacted by a Boardman resident alleging improper off-duty conduct by Rosensteel in connection with the breakup of their personal relationship. She said the officer had gone through her trash and mail.
Sept. 12, 2001: Rosensteel again failed to attend a mandatory supervisors meeting after receiving prior notice.
Oct. 1, 2001: An officer complained that Rosensteel engaged in a pattern of discriminatory treatment on the basis of gender.
Dec. 24, 2001: Another officer complained that Rosensteel was loud, profane and verbally abusive toward him in the presence of another supervisor and within hearing range of other officers.
May 8, 2002: Department received a complaint from another Boardman resident alleging misconduct by Rosensteel resulting from a personal friendship. It was determined that Rosensteel used the LEADS system improperly to obtain information about the resident's boyfriend.
Source: Boardman Township Police Department

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