BECKY SHER | Hype Here are some sure-fire ways to help summertime sitters

If you're spending your summer baby-sitting the neighbor's precious little tykes, you know that their attention spans last about a nanosecond, if that. Become the best baby sitter on the block with "Summertime Treats" (Chronicle Books, $14.95), a cool collection of recipes and crafts that are sure to keep your rambunctious charges occupied, and maybe even happy. (And that's saying something.)
The crafts are totally kid-friendly -- what kid would turn down a chance to turn black plastic spiders into an Ants-in-the-Grass Citronella Candle? Also sure to be popular with your young friends: The Big Bug Bucket and the Vacation Placemat. Perfect for those restless, just-back-from-vacation rainy days. Some of the recipes may be too tough to tackle with antsy kids, but try blending up some of the easy smoothie drinks, or make trays of flavored ice cubes.
We think this book will make you pretty popular with the kids, and a hit with their parents too. Maybe you'll even get a raise.
Oh my, it's Ohm
Bet you didn't know that there's a little science behind your soap. That is, if you use Ohm by Olay, a new line of skin-care products that uses serious research to make your shower scientifically satisfying.
To develop their new body bar, body wash, exfoliating scrub and moisturizing mist, Olay did tons of research into scent and its effect on your mind, mood and health. Know what they found out? Jasmine is uplifting, rose is calming, mandarin orange combats anger and ginger is energizing. (There's more, but what do you think this is, science class? If you want the details, visit
Olay used its knowledge to create two great scents for the four products -- jasmine and rose, and citrus and ginger. Take it from us, they both smell great. We especially love the citrus and ginger body wash, which creates really fabulous lather. All four products are $4.50 each, at supermarkets, drug stores and mass retailers.
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