NEW BRIGHTON, PA. Authorities warn of gator in Beaver River

NEW BRIGHTON, Pa. (AP) -- There haven't been any vegetarian piranhas spotted this summer, but authorities say it still may not be safe to go back into one Beaver County waterway.
Police are warning people to stay out of the Beaver River along Big Rock Park, about 20 miles northwest of Pittsburgh, because of reports an alligator is on the loose.
Police have been watching the river for the animal since a fisherman apparently videotaped the 3-foot reptile swimming around his boat Tuesday. New Brighton police Chief Doug Adams said no one has reported seeing the alligator since.
Adams said police plan to call the Pittsburgh Zoo and see if they can find someone to take care of the alligator.
"It probably won't bother anybody. There's plenty of food," Adams said.
Authorities said the alligator probably ended up in the river the same way pacu, vegetarian cousins of the piranhas, did last summer -- someone had it as a pet and didn't want it anymore.

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