A man of some of the people, some of the time

A man of some of the people, some of the time
In the July 31 Vindicator, a letter writer said that James Traficant was a man of the people and stood up for the little guy. Well, this is not the truth . This is said because of first hand knowledge of what Mr. Traficant will not help with .
In the July 12 Vindicator, a letter was written about a 64-year-old woman who was accosted in her own yard and the police did nothing . She also had called the mayor, who did not call her back . She thought that by calling Mr. Traficant's office, she would be able to get him to talk to the mayor , but what she got was a staff member telling her that Mr. Traficant did not get involved in these types of matters .
Mr. Traficant will get involved if a union is involved or there is a good chance a TV crew will be at the scene , but not if the person or people involved will not get his face in the news . So, teh letter writer was wrong Traficant is not a man of the people, but only a man of some of the people.