MAHONING COUNTY Vindicator wins praise in recycling

The paper 'set an example for other companies in our Valley,' the Green Team's director said.
YOUNGSTOWN -- Recognizing The Vindicator as one of the largest commercial/industrial recyclers in the county, the Mahoning County Green Team has presented the company with an award.
The award recognizes 23 years of recycling efforts by The Vindicator. Green Team Director Tim Berlekamp presented it in The Vindicator's pressroom today. The company was also made a Green Team member and received a plaque made from recycled lipstick cases.
'Positive impact'
"We're very appreciative of The Vindicator's continuing recycling efforts," Berlekamp said. "As one of the largest commercial/industrial recyclers in Mahoning County, they really do have a positive impact on the environment."
The award was accepted by Betty H. Jagnow, president and publisher of The Vindicator, and Mark A. Brown, general manager.
Representing the Green Team were Berlekamp and Mahoning County Commissioner Edward Reese. The Green Team is the Recycling Division of Mahoning County.
"It really helps make a difference in Mahoning County," Reese said of the company's recycling efforts. "They really have set an example for other companies in our Valley."
Began decades ago
The Vindicator began an environmental program in 1960 by recycling the returnable cores of newsprint rolls. A newsprint recycling program was initiated in 1979.
Ohio established volunteer standards in 1992, and The Vindicator has exceeded all annual state standards since 1994. Since 1998, 100 percent of newsprint used contains some recycled fiber.
Berlekamp said newspapers across the country have been more aware of the importance of recycling. Although recycled newspaper content used to fall in the 5-percent-to-10-percent range, it now hits 100 percent at papers like The Vindicator.
In addition to recycling returnable cores of newsprint rolls and waste newsprint, The Vindicator also recycles inks, solvents, film negatives and plates. The company buys office paper made with recycled content, recycles its office paper, and recycles aluminum beverage cans within its offices.
"It got started out as a sense of being environmentally friendly," Brown said. "Part of our job is trying to help shape the opinions of the community ... and taking a stand on environmental issues. And part of taking a stand is to back it up in our own organization."

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