Q. What is a peasant blouse? Magazines feature such blouses, but no two look the same.
A. The definition of a peasant blouse in Fairchild's Dictionary of Fashion goes like this: "Folkloric women's blouse, usually white with puffed or long raglan sleeves made with embroidered borders. Neckline is sometimes square and trimmed with embroidery or round and made with elastic or drawstrings."
But that's the authentic peasant blouse.
The blouses that are all the rage this spring and feature one or more of the typical elements--the puffed sleeves, drawstring neckline or embroidered trim, for example.
For the rest, they are atypical. The fabric may be printed or colored, not white. The drawstrings may be positioned under the bust, not at the neckline.
Essentially, a peasant blouse is flirty and feminine, and can be worn with almost anything from an evening skirt to blue jeans.
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