Divorces asked
Brenda Rowley, East Liverpool vs. Scott Rowley, 49769 Duke Road, East Liverpool.
Divorces granted
Diana Gottschling vs. Timothy Gottschling.
Sherry Roberts vs. Craig Roberts.
Connie Delo vs. Okley Delo.
Dissolutions asked
Lawrence Gazes, 9139 state Route 45, Lisbon, and Edith Gazes, 40551 state Route 517, Lisbon.
New complaints
Marjorie Ash vs. Subaru of America, money.
Karl Cunningham vs. Megneco/Metrel etc., personal injury.
Lori Smith vs. Village of Lisbon, personal injury.
Deborah Shura vs. Arfman Rental et al, personal injury.
Brahler's Cleaning and Restoration vs. Phillip Glasser, money.
Real estate transfers
Richard Boyd to Michael Broome, Unity Twp., $93,000.
Robin Kessler to Pamela Ernhart, Wellsville,$38,400.
Michael Spencer to Daniel Boots, Lisbon, $62,488.
Sherry Young to Gregory Henderson, East Palestine, $43,000.
David Crook to Wayne Davis, Columbiana, $86,000.
Bryan Campbell to Thelma Parker, Columbiana, $76,000.
Constance Kelly to Columbiana Public Library, Columbiana, $71,000.
Jack Kudary to Wayne Evans, Elkrun Twp., $93,000.
Mary Collins to James Brown, St. Clair Twp., $87,500.
Terrapointe Development to Joseph Zimmerman, Unity Twp., $155,000.
Citibank to Jay Letarte, Fairfield Twp., $89,500.
JefferyNunzir to Traci Flick, Salem, $100,000.
Margueriteia Albaneso to Tim Franklin, Wellsville, $25,000.
Gloria Devon to Mark Eisenhart, Madison Twp., $95,000.
Harold Ferguson to Arthur Doak, St. Clair Twp., $54,000.
Marriage licenses
Gary W. Walter, 36, of 746 Airport Road, Warren, and Misty D. Ryan, 27, of 4725 Damon Ave. N.W., Warren.
Marc E. Means, 26, of 549 Caroline Ave., Hubbard, and Heather M. Ellwood, 22, of 19 Franklin Ave., Niles.
David C. Rowbottom, 53, of 606 East Drive N.E., Warren, and Barbara J. Gillis, 53, of same.
Richard H. Betts III, 20, of 8039 Raystate Line, Kinsman, and Bambi Rigsby, 19, of same.
New complaints
Kelly A. Graham and Andrew P. Graham.
Ronald McFadden and Kimberly McFadden.
Marlene Bulford and Gene C. Bulford.
Juliana Mooney and Michael A. Mooney.
Virginia S. Foreman and Douglas E. Foreman.
Cynthia Bansberg and Jeffrey A. Bansberg.
Dion J. Balsega and Lori R. Balsega.
Windell Lockett and Pamela Lockett.
Jose Sanchez Jr. and Jennifer L. Sanchez.
Jenny L. Long and Ronald G. Long.
Paul N. Bradley and Melissa A. Bradley.
Kenneth G. Miller and Cristy S. Miller.
Carolyn A. London and Jeffrey A. London.
Stacey P. Richards and Grady F. Richards.
Divorces filed
Rebecca J. Huff vs. Stephen M. Huff.
Mary H. Richburg vs. Phillip K. Richburg.
Nicole R. Bondar vs. John S. Bondar.
Kristen Johnson vs. James A. Johnson Jr.
Lisa M. Mulvey vs. Donald B. Mulvey.
John D. Partain vs. Marilyn J. Partain.
Wendy N. Ebelender vs. George Ebelender.
Kevin L. Hall vs. Cathy V. Hall.
Legal separation filed
Nikki F. Nagy vs. Jay S. Nagy.
Cases dismissed
Jean A. Balas vs. Ronnie J. Balas Sr.
Dissolutions granted
Anthony G. Worthey Jr. and Tamica N. Worthey, wife restores to name of Tamica N. McCraney.
Dr. Robert C. Fleischer and Janet S. Fleischer.
Robert C. Bergman and Catherine A. Bergman.
Melissa M. Ewanish and Mark E. Ewanish.
Cynthia A. Turner and Leshawn D. Turner.
David A. Zipnock and Sheyna Zipnock.
Jason R. Yauger and Jaclyn L. Yauger, wife restores to name of Jaclyn L. Fickes.
Bridget Nephew and David Fabian.
Divorces granted
Gladys R. Toles vs. Walter T. Toles, divorce to both, wife restores to name of Gladys R. Reed.
New complaints
Tara Shipman M.D. vs. Assoc. in Female, administrative appeal.
Samuel Postlewaite vs. GM Corp., workers' compensation.
In the matter of parcels of land encumbered, foreclosure.
Pamela McDaniel vs. Theresa Owens, other torts.
Odester Brown vs. Autumn Hills Nursing, other torts.
Paul R. Marcum vs. Lisa G. Kellner, other torts.
Douglas Sage vs. Michael Cone D.O., professional tort. Charles A. Minnick vs. Elizabeth Merola, other torts.
Patricia A. Rondini vs. Stanley Gregory, other torts.
Farmers National Bank vs. Eddie L. Townsend, other civil.
Citicapital Commercial vs. Anthony Gumino, other civil.
Manufacturers & amp; Traders vs. Rory Dean, foreclosure.
Bank One N A vs. Elmer R. Kocher, foreclosure.
Manufacturers and Traders vs. Karen L. Baker, foreclosure.
Bank of New York vs. Tonya Freeman, foreclosure.
State Street Bank and Trust vs. Grant F. Hayes, foreclosure.
Household Realty Corp. vs. George Kuriatnyk, foreclosure.
Louise Crump vs. William Clay, workers' compensation.
Gregory J. Nyako vs. Robert L. Karr, other torts.
Edward Hazboun vs. Mark Bedford DDS, professional tort.
Billie Jo O'Neill vs. Audree M. Cracium, other torts.
McGill Septic Tank Co. vs. Gary A. Skiba, other civil.
Builders Inc. vs. International Coatings, other civil.
Travelers Bank & amp; Trust vs. Curtis C. Barclay, foreclosure.
U.S. Bank & amp; Trust vs. Curtis C. Barclay, foreclosure.
Washington Mutual Bank vs. Jared T. Jenyk, foreclosure.
National City Mortgage Co. vs. Terry O. Price et al, foreclosure.
Luella S. Cline vs. Ammar, other civil.
Anna S. Kessler vs. Nicolette M. Roberts, other civil.
Jessica Lawhorn vs. Saint Joseph Family, professional tort.
Second National Bank vs. Valley Power Equipment Inc., cognovit.

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