YSU Honors convocation

(pictured at right)
TEACHING: Steven R. Brown, English; Anita C. Burris, Mathematics and Statistics; Stephen Hanzely, Physics and Astronomy; Louis N. Harris, Health Professions; Soon-Sik Lim, Civil/ Environmental and Chemical Engineering; Marcia J. Matanin, Human Performance and Exercise Science; Howard W. Pullman, Educational Administration, Research and Foundations; John B. Russo, Management; Mohammad R. Shayesteh, Human Ecology; Daniel H. Suchora, Mechanical and Industrial Engineering.
SCHOLARSHIP: Theodore R. Bosela, School of Technology; David J. Burns, Marketing; Betty L. Greenway, English; Sherri L. Linkon, English; Hojjat Mehri, Mechanical and Industrial Engineering; Mustansir Mir, Philosophy and Religious Studies.
COMMUNITY SERVICE: Marianne K. Dove, Teacher Education; Tammy A. King, Criminal Justice; Steven C. Reese, English.
UNIVERSITY SERVICE: Kenneth L. Miller, Counseling; Rochelle Ruffer, Economics; Richard Shale, English; L. Allen Viehmeyer, Foreign Languages and Literatures; and Eric J. Wingler, Mathematics and Statistics.
WATSON MERIT AWARDS FOR 2001-02: Tod S. Porter, Economics, and Nathan P. Ritchey, Foreign Language and Literature;
Neil D. Humphrey Scholarship, to a student who has demonstrated academic excellence and participation in extracurricular activities: Larisa K. Piwtorak of Youngstown.
Youngstown State University Women's Club Scholarships, to two promising women students in recognition of high academic achievement: Diana Buzard of West Middlesex and Katie Wingard of Canfield.
Youngstown State University Women's Club Special Grant, for outstanding accomplishments: Martha Kane of Poland.
American Association of University Women Scholarship, to a worthy woman student on the basis of high scholarship: Angela Ferenchak of Youngstown.
Martha K. Shuster Memorial Scholarship Award, in recognition of academic achievement in memory of a former YSU employee and Women's Club president: Matthew Pastier of Salem, Larisa Piwtorak and Rachel Smith, both of Youngstown.
The Mary B. Smith Scholarship, to a nontraditional student in recognition of academic excellence: Trevor Watkins of Youngstown.
The Mary B. Smith Outstanding Woman Scholar Award, to a nontraditional woman student in recognition of excellence: Kristin M. Osborne of Jefferson, Ohio.
Phi Kappa Phi Scholarship, Chapter 143, awarded for academic excellence and achievement to the nominee for the national Phi Kappa Phi graduate fellowship: Thomas P. Wakefield of Youngstown.
Mavrigian-Grim Scholar Awards, to a Phi Kappa Phi Chapter 143 member in recognition of outstanding scholarship and promise of future academic work: Catherine E. Mosher of Youngstown.
Paul E. Martin Scholarship, awarded for academic achievement: Dominic Buzzacco of Youngstown, Kathryn Geskey of Canfield, Richard Mattson of McDonald, Anthony Scrocco of Canfield and Jasen White of Vienna.
Protestant Campus Ministries Scholarship, awarded for academic achievement: Eboni Bogan of Youngstown.
The Youngstown Vindicator Awards:
To the student ranking first in the humanities on the basis of four years of study: Andrew Shipka of Youngstown.
To the student ranking first in English on the basis of four years of study: Susan Senich of Youngstown.
To the student ranking first in social science sequences courses on the basis of four years of study: Matthew Vansuch of Youngstown.
To the best all-around student on the basis of academic achievement and extracurricular activity throughout four years of college: Alyssa A. Finamore of Youngstown.
Quest 2001 Dean's Award
Undergraduates: Andrea Jill Snyder of Columbiana and Thomas Wakefield of Youngstown.
Graduate: Elena Bellina of Youngstown.
Clarence P. Gould Society Membership, awarded to students in the College of Arts and Sciences on the basis of academic achievement.
Seniors: Katie Balestra of Boardman; Rajsree Borthakur of Kaneohe, Hawaii; Anthony J. Colucci of Poland; Jarod Conley of Crestline, Ohio; Kristilyn Copploe of McDonald; Elizabeth Elder of Fredricktown, Ohio; David Gerberry of Mineral Ridge; Megan Groves of Cortland; Nichole Guzzy of Youngstown; Brian Kren of Girard; Jennifer Lockshaw of Poland; Catherine E. Mosher of Youngstown; Christine M. Novicky of Vienna; Seema Patel of Eastlake, Ohio; Barbara Reynolds of Toronto, Ohio; Susan Senich of Youngstown; Andrew K. Shipka of Youngstown; Cara M. Toot of Warren; Deborah A. Williams of Youngstown; and Philip A. Wislon of Niles.
Juniors: Deena DeVico of Youngstown; Sarah Lynn Grove of Farmland, Ohio; and Nancy N. Hanna of Canfield.
Karl W. Dykema Scholarship, for distinguished academic achievement in the College of Arts and Sciences: Zsolt M. Szekely of Youngstown.
David Ives Endowment for the Humanities, to a worthy student majoring in the humanities: Rachel Smith of Delaware, Ohio, and Jonathan A. Watters of Youngstown.
Albert W. and Adele Krotzer Scholarships, for distinguished academic achievement in the College of Arts and Sciences: Eric K. Keylor of Columbiana, Jessica L. Newton of Canfield, Christa M. Natoli of Niles and Brian E. Racz of Youngstown.
Myron C. Wick Scholarships, awarded to junior or senior students who have shown academic excellence in the physical sciences: Kevin C. Eager of Cincinnati, Melissa Hughes of New Castle.
Ohio Chapter of the American Institute of Chemists Award
To an outstanding graduating student in chemistry: Valerie Copanic of McDonald.
Undergraduate Award in Analytical Chemistry, for outstanding academic achievement and aptitude in analytical chemistry: Matthew Maust of Mineral Ridge.
Society for Analytical Chemists of Pittsburgh Award, to a junior or senior chemistry major, for academic achievement: Nathan Takas of New Castle.
American Chemical Society Award-Penn-Ohio Section, for an outstanding junior chemistry major: Anthony Dota of Poland.
American Chemical Society Student Affiliates Award, to a chemistry senior who has made a significant contribution to the association: Gregory J. Panuccio of Youngstown.
CRC Freshman Chemistry Achievement Award, for achievement in the study of chemistry as a freshman: Kathrine Harrison of Youngstown.
Scudder Organic Chemistry Award, to honor outstanding performance in organic chemistry: Alyson Finamore of Youngstown.
Scudder Physical Chemistry Award, for outstanding performance in physical chemistry: Nathan Takas of New Castle.
Ralph E. Yingst Scholarships in Chemistry, to a junior or senior chemistry major for academic excellence: Kathryn Kitzmiller of Youngstown and Cynthia Perrine of Harrisville, Pa.
Irwin Cohen Schloarship for Undergraduate Research in Chemistry, for excellence in undergraduate research in chemistry: Anthony Dota of Poland.
Hypercube Scholars Award, to a graduating chemistry student who has conducted research and is enrolling in graduate school: Chris Meta of New Waterford.
Albert A. Guerrieri Jr. Memorial Schloarship, to an outstanding physics student: Snowflake Kicovic of Hubbard.
Vere Stalker Shaklee and Nina Pierce Shaklee Outstanding Geography Major Awards, given annually to an outstanding geography major determined by the faculty and staff of the department: Mollie A. McGovern of Youngstown.
Lewis B. Miller and Retta Miller Outstanding Geography Paper Award, presented for an outstanding term paper prepared for an upper-level course in geography: Brian E. Racz of Austintown.
National Business Education Association Award, for outstanding achievement in business education: Holli Murray of West Middlesex.
Business and Industry Achievement Commendation, to a student who demonstrated outstanding achievement in an associate degree program: Nicole Del Signore.
Joseph E. Smith Award in Economics, for excellence in the study of economics: Thomas P. Wakefield of Youngstown.
Paul J. and Marguerite K. Thomas Scholarship, to three upper-class economics majors who have demonstrated academic excellence: Anthony J. Bernard, James R. Farris and Nikolai Suvorov, all of Youngstown.
Margaret I. Pfau Scholarships, awarded to two students majoring in English who have demonstrated academic excellence: Thomas Atwood of Canfield and Sara Accettura of Warren.
John Rowland English Scholarship, to an outstanding student majoring in English: Jolene Powell of Sharon, Pa.
Charles Baird Memorial Award, for excellence in the study of English: Emily Walker of Poland.
Gary L. Green Award, to an English major who demonstrates strong academic promise: Wayne Bartholomew of Youngstown.
Robert R. Hare Writing Awards for distinction in journalistic writing: Henry Gomez and Jami L. Boninsegna, both of Youngstown.
For distinction in creative and critical writing, poetry: Shaun Asbury of Poland.
Robert W. Peterson Scholarship, to a minority student exhibiting academic excellence: Jesse Sanders of Youngstown.
Anne Bernard Schafer Scholarship, to a nontraditional English major who has demonstrated scholastic achievement: Catherine Hilston of Girard.
David S. and Sandor D. Ives Memorial Scholarship, for academic achievement in advanced classical languages: Meredith Tuttle of Youngstown.
William Begalla Award, for excellence in the study of Italian: Alisha Pettenati of Warren.
Elinore Cimorell-Begalla Memorial Award, for outstanding achievement in Italian: Katherine Sebourn of Austintown.
Evangelos Meshel Memorial Awards in Greek, for excellence in the study of Ancient Greek: Arthur Ort and Jonathan A. Watters, both of Youngstown, and Susan Francis of Canfield.
B'nai B'rith History Awards, to an outstanding undergraduate history major who has displayed scholarly interest and achievement in historical studies: Brian E. Racz of Youngstown.
Department of History-Chair's Awards, for an exceptional undergraduate research paper in any field of history: Brian E. Racz of Youngstown.
Department of History-Undergraduate Essay Award, for the best undergraduate essay or book review: Charlotte Rodabaugh of Canfield.
James Dale American Studies Award, to an outstanding upper-division American Studies major: Roberta McKee of Youngstown.
B.J. Yozwiak Mathematics Award: Robert Shuttleworth of Canfield.
For outstanding academic achievement in the study of mathematics: David Gerberry of Mineral Ridge and Teresa M. Selee of North Ridgeville.
Emily Goldstein Award for Outstanding Achievement in Statistics, for outstanding academic achievement in the study of statistics: Thomas P. Wakefield of Youngstown.
Sister Jean Gillespie Memorial Award in Religious Studies, to a senior in religious studies with outstanding academic records and strong interest in interfaith dialogue: Thomas R. Craven Jr. of Youngstown.
Frank Clark Physics Award, for outstanding achievement in the study of physics: Ronald Propri of Niles.
Clingan Jackson Award, to a student selected by the political science faculty in recognition of high scholarship and community service: Brian C. Kren of Girard.
John C. Vitullo Scholarship Award, to an outstanding political science major in memory of a former Mahoning County Democratic Party chairman: Michael Clemens of Salem.
Thomas J. Carney Scholarship, to an outstanding political science major in honor of the former Mahoning County commissioner: Christa Natoli of Niles.
Mary G. Guterba Psychology Student Award, to a graduating senior selected by the psychology faculty for high achievement: Anthony S. Colaneri of Poland.
Charles W. Dobson Memorial Research Awards, for outstanding original research in psychology: Sarah Holowach of Canfield.
Quest 2002 Dean's Award, graduate: Dylan Potter of Volant.
The Bank One Scholarship in Business, to an area resident for scholastic achievement as a business major: Bobbi Jamison of Girard.
William W. Battin Scholarship, to an upper-class business student for extracurricular involvement and leadership ability: Rhonda Jarrett of East Liverpool.
Cope Farm Equipment Scholarship, to an exceptional business major: Robert Gomori of Boardman.
Dr. and Mrs. Robert J. Edwards Scholarships, to two worthy, nontraditional accounting or finance majors: Inga Randoll-Streb of Austintown and Karnina Szymanski of Youngstown.
Robert P. Mayberry Sr. Scholarship, to an upperclass marketing major showing entrepreneurship promise: Ashley Warne of Poland.
Metropolitan National Bank Scholarship, to a worthy Mahoning or Trumbull resident majoring in finance: James Kutchel of Boardman.
The National City Bank Scholarship in Business, to an outstanding area resident majoring in business: Ryan Cene of Struthers.
J. Ronald Pittman Memorial Scholarship, to a business major who exhibits leadership abilities and commitment to the community: Kathryn Bollinger of Wooster.
The Youngstown Traffic Club Inc. Scholarship, to a worthy sophomore business major: Jerett Wertz of New Waterford.
Credit Reporting Services Scholarships, to four junior or senior business majors for scholastic achievement: Katie Bees of Boardman, Jennifer Briceland of Salem and Erin Evans and Andrew Warren, both of Hubbard.
Albert W. and Adele Krotzer Scholarships, for distinguished academic achievement in the Warren P. Williamson Jr. College of Business Administration: Paul Lubonovich of Hubbard, Tony Mancini of Canfield, James Stanyard of Poland,and Justin Townsend of New Waterford.
Dean Miller Scholarship, to an upper class accounting major who has demonstrated academic excellence: Victoria L. Smith of East Liverpool.
District Director's Tax Institute Scholarships, for scholastic achievement in the study of accounting: Christopher M. Bland of Youngstown, Brian J. Duchnak of Niles and Jaclyn Dugan of Burgettstown, Pa.
Abe Harshman Scholarship Award, to an upper class accounting major who has demonstrated excellence: Mary L. Howell of Austintown.
Cohen and Company Awards, to students who have demonstrated academic excellence in accounting: Frank Balog of Austintown and Rachel M. Gordon of Youngstown.
Arthur L. Jones Scholarships, for outstanding academic achievement in the study of accounting: Frank Balog of Austintown, Jason Hickok of Canfield and Beth Ann Klingensmith of Youngstown.
Paul J. and Marguerite K. Thomas Scholarships, to three upperclass accounting majors who have demonstrated academic excellence: William M. Kokosko II of Cortland, David M. Lesicko of Youngstown and Tony Mancini of Canfield.
John V. Maglery Scholarship, to a student demonstrating academic excellence in accounting: Jason H. Garretson of Masury.
William Petrych Memorial Scholarships, for scholastic achievement: Matthew Banjo of Poland; Patricia L. Funk of Sharpsville, Pa.; Jacqueline M. Johnston of Struthers; and LeAnn D. Lampley-Laster of Youngstown.
Peter George Parthemos Scholarship, to a business major of Greek descent: Michelle Bole of Youngstown.
Mahoning Valley Chapter of the Ohio Society of Certified Public Accountants Scholarships, for academic achievement: Amy Tremayne of Youngstown and David J. Turchen of Struthers.
Daniel J. Mirto Schloarship, to a junior or senior business major who is a resident of Mahoning, Trumbull or Columbiana County: Deana Manzi of New Waterford.
Quest 1998 Dean's Award
Graduate: Jane M. Sadinski of Youngstown.
George M. Wilcox Award, to a secondary education major who shows evidence of becoming an outstanding secondary school teacher: Michelle D. Hettinga of Salem.
Edward E. Bradish Memorial Scholarship, to a worthy female education major showing academic achievement as a full-time student: Nadine Kastner of Elwood City, Pa.
Frieda F. Chapman Award, to an elementary education major with outstanding potential: Kelly Cicchillo of Youngstown.
Department of Special Education Awards, to special education majors who exhibit exemplary scholarship and potential to work with exceptional students: Kristina Catlett of Lisbon and Amanda Lucas of Austintown.
Downtown Lions Club Special Education Scholarship, to an upper-class special education major, for academic excellence: Amber Stout of Struthers.
The Bernadine Marinelli Memorial Scholarship, awarded to an outstanding upper-division education major who is a graduate of the Youngstown city schools: Stephen J. Gasior of Youngstown.
Helen Edward Stoll Scholarship, to an education major committed to working with children with learning disabilities: Bart Smith of Poland.
Quest 2002 Dean's Award
Undergraduates: Jeff D. Zombar of Cortland, Robert J. Huscroft of Kinsmen and Joshua B. Kollat of North Jackson.
American Institute of Chemical Engineers Student Chapter Award, to an outstanding sophomore in chemical engineering: Rebekah Johnson of Youngstown.
American Institute of Chemists Award, to an outstanding senior in chemical engineering: Gregory Panuccio of Youngstown.
Paul C. Luginbill Chemical Engineering Award, to the best all-around senior student in chemical engineering: Jennifer Mansfield of Poland.
Omega Chi Epsilon Award, to the outstanding senior in chemical engineering: Pamela McCoy of Poland.
Ronald J. Hepp Memorial Award, to an outstanding senior in electrical engineering: Darren R. Rabosky of Poland.
Nicola and Rocchina Richley Memorial Scholarship, to an engineering or engineering technology major for academic excellence: Amy Schill of Warren.
M.S. Consultants Award in Civil Engineering Technology, to the best overall graduating student in civil engineering technology who completed the degree program while working full time in the industry: Joshua D. Thomas of Warren.
Michael A. Rigo Memorial Scholarship, to an outstanding engineering student: Michael J. Kubina of Youngstown.
Quest 2001 Dean's Award: Undergraduate, Mollie Arin McGovern of Youngstown.
Clarance B. Gould Society: Membership is awarded to students in the College of Fine and Performing Arts on the basis of academic achievement and breadth of academic courses.
Senior: Abagail E. Voight of Johnstown, Ohio.
Dean's Award, to graduating seniors for exceptional accomplishments in their fields through performance, creativity or scholarship: Department of Art -- John A. Pascarella of Youngstown; Department of Communication and Theater -- Abagail E. Voight of Johnstown, Ohio; Dana School of Music -- Shawn Pityk of New Kensington, Pa.
Joseph Salvatore Award, to an outstanding student majoring in studio art: Corinne Bako of Boardman.
Mary P. Rigo Memorial Scholarship, to an outstanding keyboard student: Steve Work of Mogadore.
Richard A. Martin and Aurora Ragini-Martin Piano Award, to an outstanding senior majoring in piano: Mark Jackson of Hubbard.
Quest 2002 Dean's Award:
Undergraduate -- Anthony Candel of Niles.
Nicholas Paraska Scholarship, to a College of Health and Human Services student for academic achievement: Donald W. Streb of Austintown.
Health-O-Rama Scholarship, to worthy students majoring in a health-related fields: Zachary Buchmann of Salem, Lori Madeline of Hubbard and Jason McKinley of Youngstown.
James W. DeGarmo Scholarships, for excellence in academic achievement in law enforcement administration: Scott J. Nastase of Poland, Stephanie M. Persin of Cortland, Jennifer M. Simon of Austintown and Jessica Slipski of Girard.
Corydon Palmer Dental Society Awards, presented to an outstanding dental hygiene student in the first year of professional training: Jackie Baugher of Southington and Tammy McFarland of Austintown.
Eta Sigma Gamma Leadership Award, in recognition of the exceptional community service leadership to the YSU Chapter of the National Health Sciences Honorary Association: Noelle Domer of Canfield.
Community Health Scholarship Award, to the community health senior with the highest GPA: Patricia Greene of Hubbard.
School of Health Scholarship Award, for outstanding class and community involvement to the school health major with the highest GPA: Tammy Grieco of Youngstown.
Outstanding Human Ecology Student Award, for academic achievement and participation in the activities in the Human Ecology Department: James D. White of Struthers.
Mary J. Beaubien Human Ecology Alumni Scholarship, to a junior or senior human ecology major for the best public policy essay: Jason McKinley of Youngstown.
Ilajean Feldmiller Academic Award, to a student who shows promise of becoming a caring human ecology professional: Anthony DiThomas of New Castle.
Ilajean Feldmiller Scholarships
To human ecology majors for outstanding scholarship and service: Jason Barnot of Girard; Cynthia Davis, Girseal Dixon, Franlia Engelhardt, Chrystalla Kountouri, Stacie Markel and Jason McKinley, all of Youngstown; Laura Postma of Stow; Lindsey Schmidt of Canfield; and Jamie Smith of Washingtonville.
Woman's Board of Western Reserve Care System Award for Excellence in Nursing, to the graduating student in nursing ranking highest academically in the bachelor's degree program: Hermenia Harper of Youngstown.
Ohio Nurses Association District Three Lori Grenich Award, for excellence in clinical nursing in the bachelor's degree program: Jessica Abel of Canfield.
Hynes-Finnegan Scholarships in Nursing, awarded to five worthy nursing majors for academic achievement: Nick Angelis of Warren, Gloria Candella of Campbell, Jennifer Donnamurno of Austintown, Kellie Hays of East Liverpool and Gina Thorne of Canfield.
Maria LaConte Hackman Scholarships, for outstanding achievement in the study of nursing: Lori Madeline of Hubbard, Melinda Mager of Youngstown, Stephanie Pasanen of Ashtabula and Jeanne Zuzik of Canfield.
Mahoning Valley Dietetic Association Scholarships, awarded to two students enrolled in the baccalaureate program in dietetics for academic excellence: Jason Barnot of Girard and Stacie Markel of Youngstown.
Joan Ferry DiGiulio Scholarship, to a female nontraditional student showing academic achievement: Michelle Long of Youngstown.
Mary Ferry Memorial Paper Awards, to two social work majors for outstanding papers on a selected topic: Susan Gans (first place) of North Benton, Ohio, and Theresa Pancoe (second place) of Youngstown.
Burdman Scholarship, to a student majoring in social work who has demonstrated outstanding achievement: Susan Gans of North Benton, Ohio.
Barbara Lewis Roberts Memorial Scholarship, to a social work major anticipating employment in the field of child welfare and-or special-needs adoption: Pamela Ramsey of New Springfield.
Bruce A. Roberts Memorial Scholarship, to a social work or pre-social work major showing academic excellence and a commitment to working with the treatment of childhood disorders: Catherine Arendas of Lowellville.
Human Performance and Exercise Science Department Scholarships, for academic achievement and participation within the Department of Human Performance and Exercise Science and the profession: Kelsey McClelland of Ravenna and Brian Reinhard of Austintown.
Gerald Janosik Memorial Social Work Schloarship, to a worthy major in social work residing in Mahoning County: Salina Dunn of Youngstown.
Mary Zetzer Scholarship in Social Work, to an upper division area resident demonstrating commitment to geriatric work: Michelle Long of Youngstown.
Scudder Graduate Teaching Award, for outstanding performance in teaching by a graduate student in chemistry: Joesph Lisko of Youngstown.
James A. Reeder Graduate Scholarship Award, to a graduate student working for an advanced degree in chemistry: Yuriko Root of Warren.
B'nai B'rith History Graduate Award, to graduate student in history who have demonstrated academic excellence and other characteristics essential to outstanding graduate study: James Bartek of North Jackson.
Marion E. Blum Graduate Essay Award, for best graduate research paper in any field of history: Melinda Hicks of Youngstown.
Dr. Robert A. DiGiulio Scholarship, awarded to an exceptional nontraditional woman pursuing graduate studies in counseling: Mary T. Briguglio of North Jackson.
Chuck H. Whitman Student Services Graduate Scholarship, to a graduate student in counseling focusing on the higher education student services option: Kelly L. Price of Austintown.
Shlomo Moskovits Graduate Research Award, for the outstanding history graduate research paper: Chuck Mastran of Youngstown.

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