Mahoning County GOP needs a new chairman

Mahoning County GOP needs a new chairman
Not since the early 1960s, when E. Ray Davis, Austintown trustee, challenged Elton Luckhart as chairman of the Republican Party, has the party been given so much attention as it is receiving now. This is what the party needs. Mark Hanni's conversion and entrance into the party (remember, his father started his political career as president of the Young Republicans), has invigorated the established group, which became over confident.
I recently received a letter from the chairman of the committee to re-elect Clarence Smith offering services that could be used in the election of precinct committeemen, including free letters and postage for the candidate's use. The form letter stressed the Hannis being tossed out of the Democratic Party as well as the respected ability of Clarence Smith, with which I hardly agree. I declined the offer, will remain independent and will write my own letter and mail it at my expense.
I disagree with Chairman Smith for forsaking the party's obligation to field candidates in the recent election for Youngstown mayor and president of council and for ramming through a new set of bylaws. There is no doubt that this quick action was taken by the same group that eliminated the five Republican signatures on the committee-person petition to thwart the Hanni opposition . The elimination of the five signatures created Mark Hanni, but now the same group wants to stop him in a "dignified way." Let us face reality. The lack of Republicans in the county demonstrates that we can't be choosy.
For any candidate to get my support, he must publicly pledge to reject the new bylaws and assume the responsibility to recruit candidates for upcoming elections. This responsible person would become a member of the Board of Elections while the other board member be obligated to assist. Political opposition is an excellent way to remind lackadaisical appointees that they aren't covered by civil service.
To my fellow Republicans of 5-L, changes must be made for us to field candidates and win offices. The Democratic Party is financially broke and split into factions, so if the Republicans can't win now, then when?
Primary contests are good for any political party. But in any intra-party contest, it is incumbent on us to unite and work together to achieve victory in the fall.
Winners all around if school bond issue passes
Passing the bond issue for the Jackson -Milton Schools on May 7 will be a win-win-win situation. Property owners will win; school administration and teachers will win, and most important, our children will win.
For property owners, the benefits of a good school system (higher property value) far outweigh the sacrifice it takes to build and maintain a desirable system with adequate facilities. I feel we should look at this bond issue as an investment, not a liability. An investment in our community, our children, our future.
I realize new buildings alone do not make a good school system. In the last few years, our school administration, teachers and students were asked to improve students' proficiency scores. Although we are not where we need to be yet, we have seen steady improvement, and I am confident we will continue to see steady improvement in the future.
Our administration, teachers, and students are doing their part, now let's do our part. Let's give our teachers the facilities and resources they so desperately need and deserve. Let's give them a facility they can be proud of and one that will enhance the teaching and learning experience rather than stifle it.
Most important, let's give our children the facilities and resources they deserve. We must not deny our children the opportunity to experience a thriving, positive learning environment. Let's give them the opportunity to experience school pride and more importantly, self pride.
Vote yes on May 7 and our entire community will win.
North Jackson
Valley needs to elect new breed of officeholder
A man is as good as his word. Or is he?
Prior to being convicted on all 10 counts, our illustrious congressman said, "If you find me guilty, I will take it like a man."
This person has a problem with the truth and reality. Acceptance is not a word in his vocabulary. He is driven to the point of fanaticism and desperation. He does not seem to understand that he is, repeat is, a convicted felon.
Now we have a group of attorneys who have volunteered to help him with his appeal. One of this group once questioned his sanity. What strange bedfellows he has. Why don't they put their efforts into trying to rebuild this community?
How many residents of the Valley would like to collect $150,000 a year for doing nothing? We have a congressman doing nothing but trying to make many wrongs into rights -- all for his own benefit.
He is not wanted in Washington. He is not needed there for anything. He has no vote. He sits on no committee. He is considered a pariah. Above all he is a convicted felon.
Why do we need him? If the seat is left vacant, at least it will be quiet. It isn't that long until the next election.
Yes, he does have the right to an appeal. There is a right way and a wrong way to go about this. It does not need to be the Mahoning Valley way.
Where is the bottom of this barrel of rotten apples?
We can only find it when the good and decent people get out and vote for the ones who walk as they talk -- at all levels of government.
Aspire to higher standard
As I read the article about Salem High School and several instances of racial slurs, I thought the statement that & quot;there is nothing different going on here & quot; is very sad. Shouldn't the goal and the plan be to make it different from what is going on elsewhere?
How unfortunate that we judge our situation or performance based upon a lower standard.
Long Beach, Calif.
X The writer used to live in Youngstown and still has relatives there. He reads The Vindicator on the Net.