KEYSTONE CLIPS A Donny Osmond moment

Two-year-old Natalie Miller of Hermitage wasn't that impressed when singer Donny Osmond came up to her at the Vocal Group Hall of Fame & amp; Museum in Sharon last week.
Osmond was on hand to announce the class of 2002 inductees to the hall and spotted Natalie as he made his way to the stage.
"Who's this?" he asked, and Natalie quickly hid her face on the shoulder of her grandmother, Beth Triggiani, administrative secretary to Hermitage City Manager Gary Hinkson. Triggiani was at the ceremony representing the city.
Osmond had no luck when he urged Natalie, "Give me five," and acknowledged, "She doesn't know me."
He then hit upon another idea, asking if Natalie had seen the movie "Mulan." Natalie nodded her head. "I'm Captain Shang," Osmond announced, referring to his voice-over work in the animated film.
Natalie wasn't buying that either and hid her face again.
She warmed up after the ceremony, however, smiling as she met Osmond again. This time, she gave him five.
A heated explanation
Farrell Mayor William Morocco was apologetic to those who attended a city council meeting last week, and he seemed a bit baffled.
It was a cool night after several days of temperatures rising into the 80s, and the room was cold.
The building has a complex 1970s heating and cooling system, Morocco said, trying to explain why the heat couldn't be turned on.
Once the switch is made to air conditioning, you can't just turn up the thermostat for heat, he said.
"You know how deep my mechanical ability is, so I don't understand that," he said.
Environmental grant
Pa. state Rep. Frank LaGrotta of Elwood City, D-10, said Slippery Rock University will get a $10,000 grant from the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection. The grant is intended to nurture a lifetime of learning about nature and its interaction with the man-made world, he said.
Ultimately, the department hopes to foster a system of responsible environmental stewardship throughout the commonwealth.
The university will use the funding to help integrate environmental content and education into required course offerings, he said.
XContributors: Harold Gwin of the Vindicator's Sharon Bureau and Laure Cioffi of the New Castle Bureau

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