Marriage licenses
Richard L. Malloy Jr., 27, of 6408 Timberidge, Austintown, and Jill M. Cianciola, 27, of 3895 Timberlane, Youngstown.
Christopher L. Dale, 28, of 47 N. Beverly, Austintown, and Hope L. Greenwalt, 27, of 42 N. Belle Vista, Youngstown.
Timothy J. Hephner, 23, of 307 Park Ave., Lowellville, and Kristen M. Gentile, 23, of 6339 Columbiana Road, New Middletown.
Spiro L. Frangos, 25, of 4880 Kennedy Road, Lowellville, and Michelle L. Fabrizzi, 25, of same.
Mark E. Griffith, 24, of 39 Melbourne, Youngstown, and ShawnM. Chrystal, 25, of 60 Dartmouth Ave., Canfield.
Donovan R. Garner, 31, of 401 High Ave., Niles, and Jodi L, Kadilak, 28, of 342 Sixth St., Campbell.
Docket entries
State of Ohio vs. Thomas M. Thompson, probation violation; sentenced to one year; negatively terminated from community control.
State of Ohio vs. Antoine Tate, sentenced to one year monitored community control.
State of Ohio vs. Patsy J. Lucente, dismissed.
State of Ohio vs. Joseph Romanchuk, two years monitored community control, with day reporting; license suspension.
State of Ohio vs. Tim Henneman, two years community control.
State of Ohio vs. Christopher Johnson, one year on each of three counts; to be served concurrently; one year license suspension.
State of Ohio vs. Daniel Harris, two years community control; to perform 200 hours of community service.
State of Ohio vs. Marvin Martin, two years community control; and completion of domestic violence program.
State of Ohio vs. Tawhon W. Easterly, six years on each count; to be served concurrently; with a gun specification of three years.
John B. Reardon treas. vs. Thomas Lomax et al, confirmation of sale.
Keith E. Todd vs. Mark Byerly exec., settled and dismissed.
Madeline Damiano et al vs. Michael Patterson et al, judgment for plaintiffs.
Joseph Tovarnak vs. Brandon Morales et al, dismissed.
Trotters Chase Homeowners vs. Newton Square Co. Ltd., settled and dismissed.
Bankers Trust vs. Linda S. Roofner et al, judgment and decree.
City of Youngstown vs. John J. Bartolo, settled and dismissed.
John B. Reardon treas. vs. Arthur Altman et al, foreclosure.
Joseph Phillips vs. Zelphia G. Foor et al, dismissed.
Progressive Ins. vs. Raymond E. Wilson Jr., default granted for plaintiff.
Samuel Buoscio vs. Parkview Counseling, dismissed.
Youngstown School District vs. Lucas County Educational Service Center, dismissed.
Beneficial Ohio Inc. vs. Nora Anthony, default judgment for plaintiff.
Erik Bowker vs. Linda Roe, settled and dismissed.
Providian National vs. Carol Flood, default judgment for plaintiff.
Nationscredit Financial Services vs. MarviceHammonds et al, dismissed.
Fonderlin Construction Corp. vs. Ronald Keene, dismissed.
Astraea S. O'Connor vs. Laura J. Lonardo, settled and dismissed.
State of Ohio vs. Edward Wildes, sentence suspended; three years community control.
State of Ohio vs. Thomas R. Toy, three years community control; six months license suspension.
State of Ohio vs. Steven A. Wright, ordered to register as a sexually oriented offender; ordered to register with local county sheriff for 10 years.
Richard C. Sherer Jr. exec. vs. Copeland Oaks, settled and dismissed.
Melissa Gane vs. Millard Reed, settled, dismissed.
John B. Reardon treas. vs. Aprilous Beachman Jr. et al, confirmation of sale.
Richard Burton vs. GF Corp. et al, summary judgment for defendants.
Herbert Gladden vs. Cincinnati Ins. Co., dismissed.
Joseph Jakovina vs. Lowe's Home Centers Inc. et al, settled and dismissed.
Altina Clark et al vs. Lindsay M. Keller et al, dismissed.
Conseco Finance vs. Georgino Molina et al, dismissed.
American Mall Inc. vs. American Eagle Inc. et al, judgment for plaintiff.
Lucerne Capital vs. Patricia Golpe, judgment for plaintiff.
Ralph G. Hixon et al vs. Stanislaw F.Gerchak, settled and dismissed.
Todd R. Dirando vs. Emmitt R. Davis et al, settled and dismissed.
Mark Hixon vs. Emmitt R. Davis, settled and dismissed.
R. T. Vernal Paving vs. Robert Tabaka, judgment for plaintiff.
J and G. Assoc. vs. Anthony Gutierrez et al, foreclosure.
Joseph Phillips vs. Zelpha G. Foor et al, dismissed.
George Djesheff vs. Dept. of Insurance, dismissed.
North Park Plaza Inc. vs. Louie's Tux Shop, dismissed.
Probate court
Will of Sue Olesky: estate to children: Thomas P.Olesky, Joyce O'Malley, Richard S. Olesky, Hedy Fenton, and William J. Olesky.
Will of Anne K. Christman: estate to Butler Wick Trust Co., and Herbert H. Pridham in trust with specific bequests.
Real estate transfers
Mark E. Cole to Robert C. Day et al, Austintown Twp., $130,000.
John P. Kolmacic to Olindo J. Pezzone et al, Struthers, $185,500.
Bank of New York as trustee to Ernestine Marcus, Austintown Twp., $83,000.
James L. Rogers et al to Ricky L. Hungersford et al, $82,500.
Tucker Land Management to Barbara Vukich, Youngstown, $25,000.
Residential Rehab Group to Barbara Vukich, Youngstown, $25,000.
J. & amp; E. Rentals to Barbara Vukich, Youngstown, $25,000.
Patricia K. Cambert to Nicole Randall, Youngstown, $12,000.
Thomas G. Necastra Jr. to Christopher Vetterly, Austintown Twp., $91,000.
Jon J. Ugrin et al to Danielle M. Tuttle et al, Austintown Twp., $113,000.
George R. Grimm et al to Anthony V. Perry, Coitsville Twp., Austintown Twp., $66,900.
Robert S. Davidson et al to Diane L. Davidson et al, Canfield Twp., $213,000.
Randy D. Walter dba RDW Co. to Huntington Homebuilders Inc., Canfield Twp., $42,400.
J. B. Contractor Ltd. to Frank Aprea et al, Canfield Twp., $239,900.
Tony J. Stilliana to Theresa J. Jasiaski, Beaver Twp., $133,500.

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