WELLSVILLE WTC victim to be laid to rest

Catherine Salter's remains were discovered among the rubble several months ago.
WELLSVILLE -- Catherine Salter is coming home.
She will be buried next to her father Saturday in a private ceremony that her mother hopes will bring closure to her grieving family.
One of the thousands of victims of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center in New York, Salter's remains were discovered among the massive ruins in November.
Subsequent DNA testing using hair from a brush recovered from her apartment later confirmed her identity.
Salter's mother, Eleanor, of Rogers, said she knew shortly after the attack that her 36-year-old daughter, who worked at the trade center, was among the lost.
The family held a memorial service for her in October.
But there was something missing in that service, Salter explained. Without Catherine's remains, her death somehow seemed unreal.
"This will bring closure to the family so that we can get on with our lives," Salter said of being able to bring Catherine's cremated remains home.
"It means a lot to me," and it will mean at lot to Catherine's two brothers and three sisters who are gathering for the final farewell, Salter added.
Personal items found
Not only were Catherine's remains found, but searchers also discovered her charred purse.
Authorities sent it to Salter, who said it has given her comfort to handle ordinary objects that were with her daughter at the end.
The purse's contents included a driver's license, credit cards and coins.
Some of the objects, along with photographs of Catherine, will be displayed during calling hours that are set for Friday.
Catherine was the 1982 Wellsville High School valedictorian.
She was last heard from on Sept. 11 when her former boss called her moments after a plane smashed into the World Trade Center's North Tower.
Catherine, who worked on the 92nd floor of the South Tower, told him they were evacuating and hung up.
About 18 minutes later, a plane smashed into the South Tower.

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