Neighborhood benefits from fast YPD response

Neighborhood benefits from fast YPD response
On April 15, at approximately 4 p.m., a confrontation of some manner turned into gunfire in our generally quiet neighborhood. A couple of people witnessed the shots being fired and were in an excellent position to relay valuable information concerning the incident to police.
Of course, 911 was called immediately while the shooter and intended victim were still in position. As it turned out, we had two cruisers on the scene before 911 was done getting the information to broadcast. Then another came. closely followed by two separate plain-clothes members of the force who were on their way home from work.
The first cruisers arrived within 90 seconds of the shots being fired and were able to make close eye contact with the shooter and give chase. The others arrived within the next minute. It was the fastest response time I have ever witnessed or even heard of. The officers who were off duty went above and beyond to get involved and help get the situation under control. Words cannot express the gratitude this neighborhood has for all of them.
There is no doubt that the response time resulted from the cruisers being nearby when the shots were fired. But had that first cruiser not taken it upon himself to check it out and the others not come to assist without hesitation, this could have cost someone, either the intended victim or one of the children playing nearby, his or her life.
Their immediate response stopped the situation in its tracks and served to let these people know that we are not going to tolerate this type of thing in this neighborhood.
Along with thanks to the officers, off-duty and on-duty, I want to commend my neighbors for having the courage to come out and give as much information to the officers as they could, for being alert and for not being afraid to get involved. For areas that do not have a blockwatch, start one. A good group of neighbors is the key to a good neighborhood. And when the area is willing and able to work with the police instead of against them or expecting the police to do it themselves, the police will work with you. It's a partnership.
Over the past 10 years or so our neighborhood has been blessed with relatively few problems. The problems we have had have been met head on, for the most part, and resolved with teamwork and cooperation with the authorities. Days like April 15 prove it works and is worth the extra bit of effort it may take.
That day, YPD earned our respect once again. They were nothing short of impressive. No, they can't be everywhere -- but thank God they were here today.
X The writer is a member of the Mistletoe Avenue Blockwatch.
Religion not a straitjacket but a freedom to deny will
The life of grace isn't the straitjacket that a professor who spoke in the Valley recently would have us believe. Religion is meant to bring us in union with God. To be free is to be free to deny our own personal will (when it is contrary to the life of grace). Self-denial becomes self-mastery and training in human freedom.
There is always struggle in the spiritual life between good and evil. But in the professor's efforts to end the struggle between two opposing sides, truth becomes lost.
Papal infallibility safeguards Catholic doctrine when there is confusion between two opposing sides in matters of faith and morals.
It's not so unusual to find an error in a past writing of a saint concerning doctrine. In the search for truth, even saints would realign their lives to papal teachings.
When parents commit a direct abortion, they make war on a defenseless child who is of no danger to anyone. When "personal agenda" ends the life of the innocent, it's Sept. 11 all over again.
Beam her outta here
Is there no end to this public display of undying, blind adoration by these cult followers of Traficant? If this man ever again is re-elected, somebody, please, I'm begging you: & quot;Beam me up. & quot; At least that will put me in another district.
Liberty Township