KIMBELL TRIAL Other testimony

Testimony from the first trial given by Richard Osborne, manager of the Heritage Hills Trailer Park, was read to the jury by Prosecutor Anthony Krastek. Osborne was too ill to testify this week, Krastek said. Osborne's 1998 testimony revealed that Kimbell had been kicked out of the Heritage Hills Trailer Park in 1992 for unruly behavior and was living there in 1994 without the park manager's knowledge. The trailer park is just off U.S. Route 422 near the murder scene.
Beth Ann Giles, state police DNA expert, testified that Thomas Kimbell's DNA was not found in the Dryfuse trailer. She noted a blood stain on the trailer's screen door did not match the DNA of Kimbell, the victims or Thomas Dryfuse, husband and father of three of the victims, or another man who visited the family June 15, 1994. DNA tests indicate the blood is from a man, but no other information is available, Giles said. She noted they can't determine if the blood was on the door before the killings.
Mark Fandozzi, 32, who was related to the Dryfuse family through marriage, was likely the last person to see Mrs. Dryfuse and the children alive. He testified he stopped by the trailer on his way to Canfield and Mrs. Dryfuse was sitting at a kitchen window and the children were in a plastic pool. He used the telephone to call a friend's house and left. Telephone records verify that call was made at 1:59 p.m.
Sharon Pachis, 49, testified she was delivering newspapers and noticed only Mrs. Dryfuse's red Chevrolet Impala in the driveway when she turned onto Ambrosia Road about 2:45 p.m. She noted no one was outside. Pachis said she passed again about five minutes later and only saw the one car. Under cross-examination she admitted that she told police she did not look at the trailer the second time. Pachis noted that about 3 p.m. she passed a police car with sirens and lights on U.S. Route 422 as she was driving west.
Carol Porterfield testified that Thomas Kimbell's mother asked her to call police the day after the slayings. She was arguing with her son. Porterfield said Kimbell ran to the woods and hid from police. Her husband later drove Kimbell to St. Francis Hospital, where he was admitted to the psychiatric ward, she said.

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