Most-wanted list
U.S. officials have named a few key Taliban leaders who pose a threat to U.S. interests. Several leaders are in custody, but here are six who remain high on the list:
Mullah Mohammed Omar: Taliban's supreme leader. He vanished from Kandahar when U.S.-backed forces arrived.
Jalaluddin Haqqani: Taliban minister of frontier affairs and a military leader in Paktia province. He has close ties to the Al-Qaida terror network.
Tayeb Agha: Omar's top aide.
Mullah Baradar Akhund*: Taliban deputy defense minister.
Akhter Mohammed Osmani*: Commander of Taliban's II Corps.
Mullah Dadullah*: Commander of Taliban forces in northern Afghanistan.*Commanded large bodies of troops and are potential guerrilla commanders.
Source: U.S. officials

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