LIBERTY SCHOOLS Board to rework regulations

LIBERTY -- The board of education will rework, then reintroduce a policy regulating school booster clubs.
Club members voiced concerns at a special meeting of the board Tuesday.
The school board sent copies of the proposed policy to all groups before its second of three readings.
Prompted by Tuesday's negative feedback, the board withdrew the proposal, saying it will be rewritten and reintroduced later. Board members said boosters' concerns will be reflected in the new policy.
Complaints raised Tuesday primarily focused on the board's desire to have each booster club's treasurer bonded and on ambiguities in the policy's language that boosters think will give the administration control over their funds and activities.
Wording such as "abide by the policies of the board," "for review and approval" and "compliance with board policies" raised objections.
Another area of concern is a proposal that organization funds raised by any coach or adviser must be put into a school activity account instead of the booster club's treasury.
Board president Robert Lackey said that is required by state law.

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