GIRARD Meeting to address noise at dome

A Creekside partner said he hasn't received a noise complaint for eight months.
GIRARD -- A partner in Creekside Golf Dome has told Mayor James J. Melfi he will meet with him and residents who have complained of loud music coming from the facility's sports bar.
"I thought it was controlled or resolved," Kurt Latell, president of L & amp;M Golf Dome Inc., said Tuesday after agreeing to meet with Melfi and the neighbors.
Melfi said he would seek the meeting during Monday's city council session, after three neighbors contended the vibration from the music keeps them up at night.
The date for the meeting has not been set.
"It has been such an aggravating situation," Lily Martuccio told council and the administration.
Martuccio said she has called the police, but is told they can't do anything because its a commercial business. She argued that she's entitled to some peace.
Creekside is an indoor practice golf range and sports bar that has live bands from 10 p.m. to 2 a.m. every other Friday.
Latell said some neighbors complained of the noise about eight months ago, but he hasn't received a complaint since then. This was shortly before soundproofing was installed in the facility.
"I haven't heard anything since," Latell said of the complaints, adding his home phone number is in the book.
Another neighbor, Louise Beach, questioned why the volume can't be lowered, contending she can hear it until 3 a.m.
Martuccio said police have told her to take her complaint to city council.
What can be done
Frank Rich, safety service and human resources director, said police should respond to her complaints. Police can use their judgment and ask that the level of the noise be turned down if they believe it's too loud. They can also order the music to be shut down.
Another area resident said she moved here seven months ago, likes the city and doesn't want to leave. Besides, her mother has had a stroke and doesn't sleep very well.
Melfi said the golf dome has been cooperative to keeping the sound at a minimum.
"It's not an easy problem" to resolve, the mayor said. "I've tried everything I can do."

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