Secret puppet-masters behind Traficant trial

Secret puppet-masters behind Traficant trial
U.S. Rep. James A. Traficant, Jr. should rightly and courageously persist in his case, push appeals, and if necessary, go down with all flags flying.
It is obvious to untold thousands across the nation that he was charged for relatively penny-ante crimes. Many wonder if he was intentionally targeted and marked for neutralization by some powerful, entrenched, devious and out-of-control elements of the federal government (as contrasted to the historical, heretofore admirable and only fully valid United States of American, the constitutional republic of limited form of government, that is being erased, line by line, law by law, statesman by statesman).
Jim Traficant dared to loudly expose the growing threats to our precious American freedoms, economy, morality and national security, actions often at odds with the liberal media, "republi-cat" political leadership and transitional/globalist plutocrats.
Although a sovereign citizen and a duly elected representative of the people, he was denied important witnesses to his defense, in a biased media-covered show trial, at a venue that intentionally was not before his peers, cut to the knees by rapid-fire legal objections and obfuscations, over a steeply slanted federal playing field, which one may perceive as inimical to and hardly propitious for true justice.
Today, one may wonder if it is prudent, let alone safe, to be a patriotic, informed, conscientious and outspoken US congressman? Some secretive, manipulative puppet-masters behind the throne surely must have felt threatened by this man. God help our nation.