GIMME 3 REASONS Coming to Youngstown

Some WYSU-FM listeners had this to say when asked to submit the top three reasons Michael Feldman should broadcast from Youngstown:
Tom Vitek, Youngstown: 3) Absolutely no danger of harmful, skin damaging sunlight; 2) A chance to visit the only city in America where the residents program '911' into their telephone speed dials; 1) If the mayor gives Feldman the key to the city, he can let us all out.
Susanne Miller, Youngstown: 3) Whad'Ya Like to Eat? Deli? Italian? Slovak? Greek? Believe it or not, we've got the best food in the United States right here in our Mahoning Valley. Whatever type of ethnic food you crave, we've got it! 2) Whad'Ya Think Is Funny? Our congressman? Our political wisdom? Don't blame us ... we voted for Gore. 1) Whad'Ya Know? Not much if you haven't heard of YSU! A great school ... a great football team ... the smartest faculty and students in the United States ... don't be a fool and pass up this opportunity to get to know us!
Carmen Julius, Youngstown: 3) So you can see where the state of Florida got its election policies; 2) So you can help Youngstown break its 100 visitors-per-year mark in 2002; 1) Because you will not forget the people, customs, food, and friendliness of our city. It is one of the most ethnically diverse areas of the country and has one of the warmest populations you will ever encounter.
Carol Osteheimer, Youngstown: 3) It's the only place where Fighting Penguins win national football championships; 2) Where else can you find more judges and lawyers in jail than in the courtrooms? 1) It has the world's best pirogis, pizza and chocolate chip ice cream.
Marty Francis, Warren: 3) They filmed "All the Marbles" here, so why not come and see how many are yours? 2) What do you mean you haven't been to the Museum of Labor and Industry? 1) I've been to Madison, Wis. and toured the town so now it's your turn to come to Youngstown!
Stephen DeGenaro, age 11, Poland: 1) It's a great town with great people; 2) The Penguins are a good football team; 3) Why not?

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