Red Cross urgently needs blood donations

No type O positive or O negative blood is available.
YOUNGSTOWN -- The Red Cross blood emergency has worsened.
Six of the eight blood types are below minimum standards, officials said Friday.
A one-day supply of type O positive is 280 units, and there is not one unit in inventory. A one-day supply of type O negative is 75 units, and there are no units in inventory.
A one-day supply of type A negative is 60 units. Right now there are only 12 units.
Although many donors have responded to the blood emergency this week, collections are still not meeting increased needs.
For example, last week one patient consumed 114 units of blood within a 48-hour period.
The Red Cross is attempting to get emergency relief from Red Cross blood donors in other cities.
However, all local blood donors are urged to donate as soon as they can. You may donate blood today if you have donated on or before Feb. 22.
To donate blood you must be at least 17 years old, weigh at least 105 pounds, be in good general health and meet travel restrictions.
Call (800) GIVE-LIFE or visit for blood drive times and locations.

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