Some athletes make bad role models for children

Some athletes make bad role models for children
I just watched a show on ESPN's "Outside The Lines" about NFL fathers and how they deal with their children and all the money. It was a good program except that one of the fathers was unmarried and has three illegitimate children by three different women.
Like many, I am sick and tired of how --as in wonderful Hollywood -- accepted it is when pro athletes produce illegitimate children year after year after year, often with several women. These guys, like it or not, are role models for many youngsters. They need to start thinking more with their heads than elsewhere.
Our society has become immoral enough without these highly paid "stars" having no respect for what is right and wrong.
Why were jurors crying after Traficant verdict?
I was in the courtroom on Thursday evening, April 11. After the final jury duty was finished, Judge Wells released the jury, and they went back to the jury room.
When several jurors entered the room, there was a terrible wailing that could be heard by many of us in the courtroom. It was a terrible, anguished crying by several jurors.
Something is rotten in Denmark.
Jackson Milton deserves more respect in the news
As a sophomore at Jackson Milton High School who is involved in athletics as well as academic clubs, I do not feel the newspaper gives us the recognition we deserve.
There are many positive aspects to attending this small town school: senior student athletes, Emily McGahagan carrying the Olympic torch, Desra Tomaino involved in "Young Woman With A Future," the blood drive that student council sponsors every year and the new head coach of the girl's basketball team. Has anyone recognized the difference he has made not only on the court but in the morale of the team and in the program? No.
I recently went through the archives of the newspaper and found that the ratio of articles of Springfield Local to Jackson Milton stands at 7:2. We currently have a group of concerned parents working to inform the community of our need for a new school building.
Most of the publicity our school has received has been about negative actions or feelings within the school. I would like this problem to be recognized.
North Jackson
X The writer is a student of Eric Eye at Jackson Milton High School.
Three Stooges strike again
My thoughts on the guilty verdicts in the Traficant trial are summed up perfectly by "The Three Stooges." I've paraphrased one of their comedic verses: "Don't worry Mr. Traficant! Don't you weep and cry! If you're not out by Christmas, you'll be out by the Fourth of July (Whatever)!"
The whole Traficant trial has been an extended "Three Stooges" two-reeler. It provided much amusement the whole time it lasted.