Marriage licenses
Louie B. Henderson Jr., legal age, of 633 E. Dewey Ave., Youngstown, and Linda M. Roland, legal age, of same. (correction).
James Sympson, 40, of 4144 Claridge, Youngstown, and Barbara L. Riley, 44, of 251 Harvey Street, Struthers.
Damon A. Fountain, 23, of 980 W. LaClede Street, Youngstown, and La'Rita Whatley, 22, of same.
Kevin P. Naples, 26, of 6673 S. Raccoon Road, Canfield, and Karen J. Pogany, 24, of same.
Luke LaPresta, 19, of 4150 Pembrook Road #319, Austintown, and Veronica L. Belknap, 22, of same.
Scott E. Thomas, 28, of 38 Callahan Road, Canfield, and Karen S. Bernard, 40, of 351 Carriage Lane, Canfield.
Carl E. Gilligan, 66, of 739 Regal Drive, Youngstown, and Ann D. Noble, 65, of same.
Divorces asked
Michael J. Snyder, 168 Homestead Drive, Boardman, vs. Amy E. Snyder, 729 E. Lucius, Youngstown.
Cyndee Playforth, 32 Romaine Ave., Boardman, vs. William Playforth, 86 Carter Circle, Apt. 8, Boardman.
Ronald Lombel, 6474 S. Timberidge Drive, Austintown, vs. Phyllis M. Lombel, 6474 S. Timberidge Drive, Austintown.
Shirley M. Council, 2909 Southern Blvd., Youngstown, vs. James Council, 805 Arbarwood, Columbus.
Tonya A. Buggs, 938 Woodford, Youngstown, vs. Courtney W. Buggs, 978 Wynona Ave., Youngstown.
Dissolutions asked
D. Brett Rogers, 287 North Bay Shore Drive, Columbiana, and Mary E. Rogers, 2342 Clyde Street, Poland.
New complaints
Vaggelia Missos vs. Jessica M. Restle et al, money.
Meadowbrook Mall vs. William J. Rosier et al, money.
Apex Mortgage Corp. vs. Vend Investments Inc. et al, foreclosure.
Allen W. Claxton vs. The Genie Company, money.
Homecomings Financial Network Inc. vs. Cathy M. Winphrie et al, foreclosure.
Bankers Trust of California NA et al vs. Gabriel Appugliese et al, foreclosure.
Countrywide Home Loans Inc. vs. Theresa L. Wiecek et al, money, foreclosure and relief.
Dawn L. Powell et al vs. Leslie Glover, money.
Katherine M. Weber vs. The Lyden Company et al, workers' compensation.
Mahoning County Treasurer vs. Margaret Linton et al, taxes, assessments, penalties and interest, foreclosure and relief.
Robert Scott vs. C. James Conrad, Admin. BWC et al, workers' compensation.
Dart Services Inc. vs. Trimen Industries Inc., money.
Jim Santini Builders Inc. vs. Springfield Local School District, money.
Bank of New York, trustee et al vs. Paul E. Griffin et al, foreclosure.
Shannon D. Best vs. Dr. James Prommersberger et al, money.
Luis A. Castillo vs. Masco Corp. et al, money.
David R. Patrick vs. Nationwide Mutual Insurance, money.
Debbie Caro et al vs. Grange Mutual Insurance et al, money.
Thomas J. Casey vs. National Driver Training et al, money.
Thomas O. Binion vs. Kirstin J. Nelson, money.
Docket entries
Natalie R. Coons vs. Cassia Y. Workman et al, dismissed.
Michael D. Spellick et al vs. Charles R. Butch et al, settled and dismissed.
Betty Gulas vs. Leo Tirone, settled and dismissed.
Douglas E. Davis vs. Michael S. Disilvio et al, settled and dismissed.
Bank One vs. Robert A. Scarnecchia et al, settled and dismissed.
Credit Mortgage Corp. vs. Linda L. Lozano et al, confirmation of sale and distribution.
State Farm Mutual Auto Insurance et al vs. Willie L. Smith IV et al, judgment for plaintiff.
Home Savings and Loan vs. James R. Snyder etal, settled and dismissed.
National City vs. Youngstown Industrial Properties et al, foreclosure.
Josephine McMeans vs. Ronald D. Murray et al, dismissed.
Midfirst Bank vs. Laverne Dorsey Martin et al, dismissed.
Ameritech Credit Corp. vs. Cisnet Inc. et al, judgment for plaintiff.
General Motors vs. Paul Sikora, dismissed.
Bank One NA vs. Adam Rutushin et al, current tenant, if any, of 224 W. Wood Street, Youngstown 44502 only, dismissed.
Celso O. Bautista vs. Helen L. Kolis et al judgment for plaintiffs, Celso O. and Puring V. Bautista, all other claims among all parties dismissed.
Mark D. Britt Sr. et al vs. City of Youngstown, dismissed.
Mahoning County Treasurer vs. Nikki Morgan et al, dismissed.
State of Ohio vs. Anthony DiRenzo, sentenced to one year for probable cause, concurrent with another case, probation to be terminated on completion of sentence.
State of Ohio vs. Anthony DiRenzo, sentenced to 14 months for probable cause, concurrent to another case, probation to be terminated on completion of sentence.
State of Ohio vs. Cassandra Beacham, community control for two years, driver's license suspended for six months, with other conditions, for attempted possession of cocaine.
State of Ohio vs. Dawan Maddox, sentenced to two years' community control and to enter job corps program with other conditions, for assault.
State of Ohio vs. Edward Lightning, court imposes one year community control with other conditions for carrying a concealed weapon.
Jerilyn Nittoli et al vs. Geraldine White et al, settled and dismissed.
Alexandria J. Birch vs. Edward Chismar, settled and dismissed.
Ohio Edison vs. Ameritech, settled.
FFY Bank et al vs. Derek A. North Sr. et al, foreclosure.
Clerac Inc. vs. Brian McArthur, judgment for plaintiff.
Wells Fargo Bank vs. Debra L. Scarnecchia et al, foreclosure.
Marilyn M. Pipoly vs. Richard Edwards et al, dismissed.
Rebecca A. Hagerty vs. Barbara J. Radman, settled and dismissed.
Northway McGuffey College vs. Stambaugh-Thompson et al, settled and dismissed.
Equicredit Corp. of America vs. Josephine Gay et al, foreclosure.
Clerac Inc. vs. Sheila West et al, judgment for plaintiff.
Dona J. Malmsberry et al vs. Daniel K. Woods, dismissed.
Second National Bank vs. Belinda J. Harrison et al, dismissed.
Janice Maloy et al vs. Eric Trotten et al, dismissed.
Denise Pusey vs. Admin. Bureau of Workers' Compensation et al, dismissed.
Erik S. Bowker vs. Linda Roe, dismissed.
Ronald S. Sedlacko vs. Ruth F. Evans et al, dismissed.
Olympus Servicing vs. Debra Greco et al, dismissed.
First Place Bank vs. Lula Jackson et al, dismissed.
Elsie Fabek et al vs. City of Youngstown et al, settled and dismissed.
Patty McFarland vs. Youngstown Osteopathic Hospital et al, settled and dismissed.
Linda K. Monk et al vs. Louis Alexander, M.D., settled and dismissed.
State of Ohio vs. Mark J. Michaels, sentenced to eight years.
State of Ohio vs. Joseph Gonzalez, granted two years probation with other conditions for unauthorized use of a motor vehicle.
State of Ohio vs. Brian Van Grey, court sentences to community control for two years with other conditions, eligible for judicial release.
State of Ohio vs. Courtney R. Wood, sentenced suspended, granted six months' probation for assault.
State of Ohio vs. Shane McConnahy, granted one year probation for assault.
State of Ohio vs. James A. Malik, sentenced to five years for violation of community control.
State of Ohio vs. James V. Belcher, sentenced to 12 months, community control violation and convicted of domestic violence.
Diana Colasante-Larson vs. Robert Foster, settled and dismissed.
Northern Assurance et al vs. Richard Heating and Cooling et al, settled and dismissed.
Mahoning County Treasurer vs. Elizabeth Murphy et al, foreclosure.
Board of Mahoning County Commissioners vs. Lake Reserve Development et al, settled and dismissed.
Citifinancial Mortgage vs. Unknown heirs of Alfred C. Forester et al, foreclosure and order of sale.
Assoc. Financial vs. Kelly J. McKenney et al, foreclosure.
Seven Seventeen Credit Union vs. John P. Landgraff et al, foreclosure.
Fidelity Bank vs. James D. Smith et al, foreclosure.
Liberty Savings vs. Bruce I. Thomas et al, dismissed.
William S. Begalla vs. Second National Bank of Warren, settled and dismissed.
Ian Ballantyne vs. Paul Evanoff et al, dismissed.
Probate court
Will of Mary Spin: estate to husband, Joseph J.
Will of Alta Bancroft Cummings: estate to son, Thomas F., with specific bequests.
Will of Dorothy W. Bennett: estate to husband, Carlyle A.
Will of Michelina M. Sabatino: estate to children, Eugene J., Pauline Arquilla and Adele Sanko.
Will of Gerald J. Janosik: estate to wife, Madalyn L. McDonald Hodgson Janosik.
Real estate transfers
James R. Molnar et al to James F. Ervin et al, Springfield Twp., $340,000.
Conrad F. Mohar to Llewellyn A. Taylor, Struthers, $20,000.
Sandra Lotto to Timothy E. Smith, Canfield Twp., $137,500.
Eric B. Nashbar et al to New Hope Community Church, Springfield Twp., $275,000.
Janet L. Decarlo to Nancy A. Davis, Austintown Twp., $134,900.
The Deon Family Trust to Brian Suhey et al, Struthers, $165,000.
Gabriel Morgan et al to Marla C. Patton, Austintown Twp., $57,400.
William Carner et al to Charles M. Butcher et al, Goshen Twp., $100,000.
Joseph F. Guerrieri to Clarke Close et al, Beaver Twp., $30,000.
Agnes B. Eckert to Beverly J. Owens, Youngstown, $75,000.
William Julius et al to John E. Hoppa Sr., Austintown Twp., $75,000.
Pamela A. Novicky etal to Richard J. Patterson et al, Canfield Twp., $130,000.
Bankruptcies/Chapter 7
Charles L. Jr. and Ovia E. York, 6606 McGuffey Road, Lowellville, he: none; she: cheeseroom, John Zidian Inc.; liabilities, $30,617; assets, $18,700.
Christopher L. Forman, 2854 Center Road, plumber, Ellyson Plumbing; liabilities, $64,476; assets, $4,050.
Joseph M. Jr. and Heather A. Carbon, aka Heather A. Shepas, 32 W. Haywood Ave., Struthers, he: cook, Thomas and King Applebee's; she: Ground Round; liabilities, $46,322; assets, $40,015.
Michael and Cheryll E. Martin, aka Cheryll E. Hosey, 433 Crandall Ave., Youngstown, he: inspector, Goodman Services Inc.; she: SSDI; liabilities, $68,879; assets, $19,888.
Robert L. Jr. and Cindy L. Blinco, 17702 Jersey St., Lake Milton, he: none; she: nurse, Humility House; liabilities, $61,944; assets, $7,007.
Caron E. Precurato, aka Caron E. Wycoff, 4522 Nantucket #1, Austintown, secretary/detailer, Fab Limousines Inc.; liabilities, $11,404; assets, $4,660.
Teri L. Morris, 144 E. Auburndale, Youngstown, LPN, Carrington; liabilities, $91,615; assets, $19,940.
Ossie M. Hardy, 530 Gypsy Lane, Apt. 4, Youngstown, retired; liabilities, $36,650; assets, $11,710.
Margaret A. Burnett, 112 Delaware Ave., Poland, cashier, Subway; liabilities, $38,931; assets, $725.
Robert A. and Marie I. Zarlingo, 5505 W. Middletown Road, Canfield, he: none; she: none; liabilities, $46,271; assets, $10,315.
Ni'kisha L. Hills, 576 Cambridge Ave., Youngstown, caregiver, Tiny Tots; liabilities, $11,048; assets, $570.
Joseph H. Zaborsky, 1973 Overlook Ave., Youngstown, installer, Car Tune; liabilities, $65,492; assets, $56,850.
Mary E. Cummings, 826 N. Garland, Youngstown, Lincoln Place; liabilities, $10,633; assets, $2,800.
Andrea B. Stanford, 2320 Volney Road, Youngstown, assembler, General Motors Corp.; liabilities, $73,757; assets, $66,370.
Chaletta O. Ferguson, aka Chaletta O. Varner, aka Chaletta O. Sene, 1414 Atkinson Ave., Youngstown, none; liabilities, $40,133; assets, $9,225.
Kathleen A. Evans, 1964 Highlawn, Youngstown, none; liabilities, $70,193; assets, $47,200.
Crystal L. Woods, 133 Regent Street, Youngstown, telemarketer, EBSCO-TeleServices; liabilities, $13,959; assets, $2,260.
Paul and Julie Evancho, 4610 Waseka Lane, Boardman, he: oil field worker, Atlas America Inc.; she; RN/Legal Nurse Consultant, Crandall Medical Center; liabilities, $146,430; assets, $117,300.
Bankruptcies/ Chapter 13
Rodger E. Alexander, 460 S. Raccoon Road, Youngstown, heater, McDonald Steel Corp.; liabilities, $44,247; assets, $43,998.
Dorletha Rudolph, 330 Ferndale Ave., Youngstown, health care associates, Humility of Mary Health Partners; liabilities, $20,002; assets, $27,270.
Mark and Danielle Suszczynski, 224 Edna Street, Poland, he: executive/electrician, Youngstown Electric; she: none; liabilities, $190,974; assets, $252,165.

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