Traficant's supporters still hold him in high regard

Traficant's supporters still hold him in high regard
My support for Congressman James Traficant remains, in spite of the guilty verdict for bribery and racketeering charges rendered by a Cleveland jury.
The only guilt I could associate with the congressman is guilt by association. If Mr. Cafaro and the others who testified against the congressman were his friends, Rep. Traficant will never have to wonder about who his enemies are. Now that Mr. Cafaro and the congressman's other friends have freed their minds of guilt, hopefully they have found that confession is not only good for the soul but possibly might even be good for saving a person's skin.
As a member of the human race, I've discovered there are two kinds of people: the real people and the pretenders. The real people not only know who they are but also have the strength and courage to stay true to themselves. Their lives have purpose and direction, and they contribute to humanity's betterment. Through their veins runs human blood. The pretenders are the "wannabes" who seem to have colored water in their veins. Their veins go along with what happens to be popular at the time, relying on the beliefs of others instead of their own. A picture of confetti blowing in the wind makes me think of how their minds must work. Because their sense of direction is scattered instead of anchored, they accomplish nothing.
The congressman's trial really accomplished nothing. Those who believe and support him will continue to do so, while those who dislike him will continue to feel the same.
While the congressman's trial might not be considered the trial of the century, there are many things I have found to be strange -- the least being that not one person from the congressman's district was a member of the jury.
Supporters of the congressmen will always wish him the best and hold a spot for him in their thoughts, in their hearts and in their prayers. He has proved himself to be a fighter, a survivor and, to his supporters, a champ. May his fighting spirit continue, and may he always dare to be different.
Terror at home needs to be dealt with quickly
We would like to thank the Leetonia Police Department, the Columbiana County Sheriff's Department and our township constable for the prompt, efficient response to the recent bomb threat made to our business. It should give our county's residents a sense of pride to know that these officials are ready to serve the welfare of every one of us.
What is so disturbing about this whole incident is the fact that we are sending thousands of our prime flesh and blood citizens and billions of hard-earned tax dollars to foreign countries to fight this kind of terrorism, and it is breeding right here in our own country from sick, demented, greedy citizens. Let's just hope and pray that the individuals responsible for this crime will see the harm in such behavior, will open their eyes to just what freedom means to each of us, and then change their ways to reflect the privilege of living in this land of freedom for all law-abiding citizens.
Rep sets poor example
It's obvious Mr. Traficant thinks he is a whole man. One would construe this from the way he ridicules his contemporaries. To be a "whole" man, you have contempt for the government who pays your salary, contempt for the courts and you use gutter language at the highest number of decibels to express yourself. Charismatic?
What a wonderful example for our young people to emulate.
It's a real concern that we live in a community where too many people follow his philosophy. He feels no moral obligation to any of us.