Marriage licenses
Louise Henderson Jr., legal age, of 633 E. Dewey Ave., Youngstown, and Linda M. Roland, legal age, of same.
Allen Waring, 48, of 2730 Utilis, Youngstown, and Cheryl L. Underwood, 51, of same.
Thomas F. McCale, 33, of 2379 Clyde St., Poland, and Heather M. Skeliski, 27, of 1935 Pritchard-Old Town Road, Warren.
Frederick L. McLean, 57, of 1229 Buena Vista Ave., Warren, and Mary Jo Wilson, 47, of 5231 Old Oxford Lane, Youngstown.
John J. Barricella, 30, of 7368 Eisenhower Drive, Boardman, and Kristen L. Ohlin, 26, of 220 Kerrywood Drive, New Middletown.
Brian A. Simione, 28, of 524 Steel St., Youngstown, and Melissa A. Mock, 21, of same.
Scott A. Crawford, 25, of 9786 Deltona Drive, New Middletown, and Jolene M. Costarella, 23, of 38 S. Shore Driver, Boardman.
Divorces asked
John M. Cannell, 4416 Quentin Drive, Youngstown, vs. Michelle L. Cannell, 331 Quentin Drive, Youngstown.
Lisa A. Romito, 28 Gertrude Ave., Campbell, vs. Joseph Romito, 2219 Oak St., Youngstown.
Tracy Swanson Lazazzera, 6908 Mayfield Road, Apt. 1264D, Mayfield Heights, Ohio, vs. Michael A. Lazazzera, 31 Callahan Road, Canfield.
Nancy Conroy Altier, 774 Forestridge, Youngstown, vs. Stephen J. Altier, 5247 Old Oxford Lane, Youngstown.
Dissolutions asked
Tabitha P. Ramey, 2730 McGuffey Road, Youngstown, and George Ramey, 739 Early Road, Youngstown.
Domestic relations
Michael W. McGahagan vs. Karen McGahagan, dissolution granted.
Diane J. Gourley vs. Richard A. Gourley, plaintiff dismisses complaint.
Karen J. Misko vs. Ralph J. Misko, divorce to both.
Donna M. Robb vs. William Robb Jr., dismissed.
Vesterine White vs. Henry White Jr., divorce to plaintiff.
Rosemary Kusky vs. Donald A. Kusky, dissolution granted.
Mary Kay Laing vs. Robert L. Laing, dissolution granted.
Rebecca A. Rogers vs. Mathew Rogers, dissolution granted; wife restores name to Chambers.
Teresa M. Guerrieri vs. Joseph F. Guerrieri, dissolution granted.
Beverly Charko vs. Walter Charko, divorce to both; wife restores name to Goncy.
LaFawn A. Bratton vs. Charles H. Bratton, divorce to plaintiff.
Anthony Plevniak vs. Rachel A. Plevniak, divorce to plaintiff.
Ronald E. Kizar vs. Linda A. Kizar, dissolution granted.
Candy Reese vs. Jeffrey Reese, dissolution granted; wife restores name to Purdue.
Todd Reid vs. Lynn A. Reid, dissolution granted.
Kathleen J. Roberts vs. David V. Roberts et al, divorce to both.
Holly L. Skopic Prystash vs. Gregory L. Prystash, divorce to both.
Andrew M. Sirak vs. Connie Sirak, divorce to defendant.
Jeanette Jenkins vs. Lewis Jenkins, divorce to plaintiff.
Cheryl M. Boyd vs. William E. Boyd, divorce to plaintiff; wife restores name to Parson.
Nancy Reali vs. Fred D. Reali Jr., divorce to both.
Patrick M. Keevey vs. Peggy Jo Keevey, dismissed.
James Spangler vs. Linda Spangler, divorce to plaintiff.
Tracey Anderson vs. James Anderson, divorce to plaintiff.
Gail D. Minotti vs. Herman J. Minotti, divorce to plaintiff.
Linda J. Haefke vs. Ronald L. Haefke, dismissed.
Waymann E. Peters vs. Kisharra J. B. Peters, dissolution granted; wife restores name to Blackwell.
Deborah A. Matavich vs. Alan J. Matavich, divorce to both.
Adrienne E. Moore vs. William A. Moore et al, divorce to plaintiff.
David F. Kosek vs. Luanne Kosek, divorce to plaintiff; wife restores name to McLane.
Mark Rauschenberg vs. Mandi Rauschenberg, dismissed.
Archie L. Diehl Jr. vs. Susan Diehl, divorce to both.
Elizabeth A. Noday vs. Gary M. Noday, dissolution granted; wife restores name to Barry.
Catherine Bl. Callow vs. Carl L. Callow Jr., dismissed.
John P. Dominick vs. Rebecca Huffman Dominick, dismissed.
Robert Sikora Jr. vs. Virginia M. Sikora, divorce to both.
Linda L. Kreinbrook vs. Dennis J. Kreinbrook, divorce to both.
Tammy Davis vs. Wayne Davis Jr., divorce to both.
Tequile L. Collier vs. Erica E. Collier, dissolution granted.
Jacquelin L. Campy vs. Eugene A. Campy, divorce to both.
Sheila Cornelius vs. Charles L. Cornelius, divorce to both; wife restores name to Rebold.
Anthony Anderson vs. Annie P. Anderson, divorce to plaintiff; wife restores name to Terry.
Margaret Rouns vs. Perry V. Rouns Sr., divorce to plaintiff.
Thomas Yesovich vs. Debra L. Yesovich, dissolution granted.
Patricia F. Nacarato vs. Robert J. Nacarato, dissolution granted.
Joyce A. Jones vs. Dennis G. Jones II, dissolution granted.
Donald Davner vs. Andrea M. Davner, dissolution granted.
Martha Evankovich vs. Gary A. Evankovich, divorce to both.
Debra Moss vs. Thomas Moss Jr., divorce to both.
Diane Greenwalt vs. Lloyd D. Greenwald Sr., divorce to plaintiff.
Sharen L. Carlozzi vs. Matthew A. Carlozzo Jr. et al, divorce to plaintiff.
Jeremy M. Ladd vs. Veronica Ladd, dissolution granted.
Shirley A. Jakubovic vs. Michael Jakubovic, dissolution granted; wife restores name to Veltri.
Teresa L. Laret vs. Greg Laret, divorce to plaintiff.
John Mirto vs. Debra Mirto, divorce to both; wife restores name to Mace.
Ralph Pack vs. Gloria Pack, divorce to plaintiff.
Diane F. Kathrine Vogel vs. Daniel H. Vogel, dissolution granted; wife restores name to Guthrie.
Janet M. Vankovich vs. Nick Vankovich Jr., divorce to plaintiff.
Melinda Ortiz vs. Jose L. Placeres, divorce to plaintiff.
Ronald P. Venezia Jr. vs. Cynthina I. Venezia, dissolution granted; wife restores name to Black.
Jamal S. Mhawesh vs. Shannon M. Mhawesh, dissolution granted; wife restores name to Shilling.
Milagrito I. Cortez vs. Damon R. Cortez, dissolution granted; wife retores name to Aponte.
Patricia A. Loar vs. Clark R. Loar, divorce to plaintiff.
James Rodgers Jr. vs. Christina M. Rodgers, divorce to plaintiff.
George P. Murberger vs. Kathleen J. Murberger, dissolution granted.
Mary Lou Horvath vs. Kevin J. Horvath, dissolution granted; wife restores name to Sipos.
Lois A. Greene vs. James P. Greene, dissolution granted.
Bette J. Tabor vs. Thomas E. Tabor, divorce to defendant.
Raymond Brown vs. Princess M. B. Brown, dismissed.
Leonard A. Swartzfanger vs. Kathleen A. Swartzfanger, dissolution granted; wife restores name to Ravotti.
Deborah A. Broadhurst vs. Robert J. Broadhurst, divorce to plaintiff.
New complaints
Benjamin D. Parker vs. Personal Service Ins. Co., money.
L.T. Boccia Construction Co. Inc. vs. The County of Mahoning by and through its Commissioners Edward Reese, Vicki Sherlock and David Ludt, money.
Federal Express Corp. vs. Speedpeople Ltd., money.
Farmers National Bank of Canfield vs. Mar Philly Ltd. et al, foreclosure.
Conseco Finance Servicing Corp. vs. Dagmar Falcone et al, foreclosure.
Altegra Credit Co. vs. Donald Morgan et al, foreclosure.
Citifinancial Mortgage Co. vs. Arnold L. Thorpe et al, foreclosure.
Washington Mutual Bank vs. Matthew Bartoletti et al, foreclosure.
Citifinancial Mortgage Co. vs. Robert Turney et al, foreclosure.
Pamela Dunlap vs. Youngstown City Schools, workers' compensation.
Lloyd Hargrove vs. Lifetime Products Inc. et al, money.
Sevasti N. Phillips vs. Fifth Third Auto Leasing Trust et al, breach of contract.
Barbara Dennis et al vs. St. Elizabeth Health Center et al, medical malpractice.
Josephine Hulett et al vs. The City of Youngstown et al, complaint for preliminary and permanent injunction.
Gary Baker et al vs. Donald Domokur et al, money.
Chase Manhattan Mrtg. Corp. vs. Sonia E. Rosado-Vasquez et al, foreclosure.
Credit-Based Asset Servicing and Securitization LLC vs. Leonard C. Randall et al, foreclosure.
Julie C. Kenney vs. Susan Christoff et al, money.
Lejeune Reynolds indiv. and as admx. and personal representative of Charles Banks Jr. vs. Ohio Presbyterian Retirement Services, wrongful death.
American General Finance Inc. vs. Jonathan Stringer et al, foreclosure.
Metropolitan National Bank vs. Dorletha J. Rudolph et al, foreclosure.
American General Finance Inc. vs. Shawn D. Lustig et al, foreclosure.
Chase Manhattan Mortgage Corp. vs. Linda Thornton et al, foreclosure.
Sky Bank vs. Linda Browne et al, foreclosure.
Cheryl Taus vs. Stacey, Hutson, Stacey & amp; Powers et al, legal malpractice.
Sky Bank vs. Amandea Jackson et al, foreclosure.
Sky Bank vs. James F. Pedro et al, foreclosure.
All-Pro Financial IV LLC vs. Sandy M. Perunko, money.
Probate court
Will of Rosemary Carroll Ramm: estate to sons, James E., Edward J. and Gregory F. Ramm.
Will of Nancy Ritchie: estate to husband, Paul E.; with specific bequests.
Will of Frank J. Janesh: estate to wife, Dorothy E.
Will of Dorothy Hurite: estate to husband, Daniel.
Will of Frances Benedict: estate to sister, Ann L. Zugcic; with specific bequests.
Will of Rose Miller Keil: estate to Cary F. Yelin trustee of The Rose Miller Keil Revocable Inter Vivos Trust.
Will of William A. Johannes: estate to wife, Mary; with specific bequests.
George L. Frain: estate to sister, Judith A. Braun.
Will of Shirley L. Reffner: estate to husband, Clayton A.
Real estate transfers
Stella Parks to Kevin Dill et al, Campbell, $200.
Stella Parks to Kevin Dill et al, Campbell, $200.
Stella Parks to Nicholas Opencar Jr. et al, Coitsville Twp., $200.
Rose Watkins to Ranson Ware et al, Youngstown, $3,500.
Raymond Calcagni Jr. et al to Michelle M. Arendas, Village of Poland, $68,000.
Apco Construction Inc. to Charles J. Ramsey et al, Boardman Twp., $154,000.
Jean Deak to Scott Carpenter et al, Milton Twp., $29,000.
Belinda Y. Doyle et al to Thomas N. Green, Youngstown, $135,000.
DanaTaylor to Danny Utt et al, Smith Twp., $4,000.
Mill Creek Corp. to Drew's Construction Co. Inc., Canfield City, $34,000.
John R. Fast et al to Cedant Mobility Financial Corp. Poland Twp., $316,500.
Cedant Mobility Financial Corp. to Patsy Buccino et al, Poland Twp., $316,500.
Joseph A. Bobeck to Nicholas Elchammas, Poland School District, $119,000.
BRC Investments Ltd. to RLR Land Development LLC, Boardman Twp., $710,000.
Edgar L. Havaich et al to Ronald L. Klazon et al, Youngstown, $56,500.
United Companies Lending Corp. to Wilson Woods et al, Youngstown, $200.
James L. Davis et al to James D. Cappelli, Youngstown, $12,500.
Ali Jamal et al to Marie L. Harrison, Youngstown, $84,000.
Bartholomew Builders to Kathleen Glavies, Boardman Twp., $184,000.
Twin Lakes Dev. to Robin L. Turner, Beaver Twp., $120,000.
Frank Mikitan to Carolyn J. Williams, Youngstown, $48,000.
Bankruptcies/Chapter 7
Charles C. Klentonick, 506 Devitt Ave., Campbell; workers' comp., Indelex Aluminum; liabilities, $30,053; assets, $900.
Vicky Hightower, 473 Lansing Ave., Youngstown; LPN, Ridgemont Care Center; liabilities, $37,458; assets, $9,030.
Ralph and Virginia Pew, 346 W. Judson St., Youngstown; he: none; she: laundry worker, Essex Health Care; liabilities, $65,681; assets, $30,400.
Mary B. Rebar, 2363 E. Midlothian Blvd., Struthers; n/a; liabilities, $80,128; assets, $45,169.
Karlene M. Tuttle, 5635 London Drive, Apt. A, Austintown; engraver, Things Remembered; liabilities, $23,668; assets, $2.150.
Anthony McCray, 4377 Kerrybrook Drive, Austintown; storage dept., Toys R Us; liabilities, $32,653; assets, $1,385.
Dawn M. Trickett, 365 E. Midlothian Blvd., Youngstown; contract analyst, Forum Health; liabilities, $103,497; assets, $16,400.
Gerald E. and Marsha Shehy, 9955 Youngstown-Pittsburgh Road, New Middletown; he: up-link engineer, Sure Shot Transmissions; she: none; liabilities, $113,749; assets, $38,250.
James T. and Maureen E. Gorman, 7488 Jaguar Drive, Youngstown; he: tax preparer, H & amp; R Block Tax Co.; she: ophthalmic assistant, Belmont Eye Clinic; liabilities, $150,638; assets, $123,770.
James M. and Anna R. McGraw,1617 Ford, Youngstown; he: press operator, Oxford Automotive; she: cosmetologist, Anna's Dream Salon; liabilities, $189,971; assets, $114,060.
Frank S. and Tammy S. Bielik, 176 Clifton Drive, Boardman; he: mechanic, On Site Mobile; she: cashier, Dollar Discount; liabilities, $101,917; assets, $63,620.
Bankruptcies/ Chapter 13
John Austin, 4811 Westchester Drive, No. 108, Youngstown; music director, Destiny Intl. Min.; liabilities, $19,900; assets, $4,000.

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