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Q. We are about to renovate our bathroom. What kind of lighting is best for applying makeup? We have a fluorescent light across the top of the mirror. I swear it makes me look even worse than I really do in the morning.
A. Lights above a mirror cast downward shadows that make you look hollow-eyed and tired. For a more flattering light, have lights installed on both sides of the mirror to supply a more balanced light.
Frosted bulbs instead of clear will also help minimize shadows. It's also a good idea to decorate with light-colored walls and furnishings, as these reflect light better, helping to create an environment of bright, diffused light with minimal shadows.
Q. What style of brows are in?
A. Bushy eyebrows are back in. Cindy Crawford talked about brow grooming in her book "Basic Face." And in advertising and on the runways, models are sporting makeup-enhanced brows -- some practically unibrows.
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