BROOKFIELD Wholly Crap owner cleans up

The business is based on similar ventures elsewhere.
BROOKFIELD -- Patty DiGiacobbe knows squat.
For less than $10 a scoop, she'll make it go away.
Last month, DiGiacobbe, who has a bachelor's degree in mathematics, began sniffing for clients for Wholly Crap, a dog waste removal service based in her Brookfield Center home.
For a fee, she drives to the homes of dog owners who are too pooped to scoop and removes dog droppings from their yard. The cost is $6.50 a week for a family with one dog.
"I was looking for something to do on my own," said DiGiacobbe, a mother of two who left a computer programming job in January. "I didn't want to sit in front of a computer all day."
Sniffing out jobs: After researching business possibilities on the Internet, she figured sales was not her thing, and caterers have too much competition. And although DiGiacobbe says she is a good baker, the cakes taste better than they look.
Dog waste removal services have been successful elsewhere, DiGiacobbe said. It doesn't require much money to get started, the job is easy to learn and around here, no one else is doing it.
"It is just like the garbage man, I guess," said DiGiacobbe. "It is not very glamorous, but someone has to do it."
Advantages: DiGiacobbe says the scent doesn't bother her -- she says she can't even smell it once the poop is double-bagged and sealed in a bucket. And it's better than office work.
"I get to be outside, get some exercise, get some fresh air," she said.
Her husband John initially had some reservations.
"He is not too happy about me using my PT Cruiser," she said.
But John says he has come around. After undergoing a solid week of ribbing from co-workers on the swing shift at Thomas Strip Steel Corp., he has come up with a stock answer for inquiries about the business:
"I say business is picking up."
XDiGiacobbe can be reached at (330) 219-3511.

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