BROOKFIELD Brave girl, 5, saves her grandma

The girl was being driven to preschool when the trip took a wrong turn.
BROOKFIELD -- Lyndsey Berecek acted decisively when her grandmother passed out.
She crossed Warren-Sharon Road, walked into the Brookfield Post Office and told those inside to call 911 for help.
Five-year-old Lyndsey is the daughter of Peter and Tracy Berecek of Warren-Sharon Road.
"I'm proud of her," said Tracy Berecek as she looked down at her daughter sitting next to her at their kitchen table.
Berecek explained that her mother-in-law, Carol Berecek, a diabetic, was driving Lyndsey to Brookfield Methodist Preschool shortly before noon March 27. Lyndsey was in the back seat with her seat belt buckled.
What happened: Carol Berecek felt herself becoming lightheaded, pulled her car to the side of the road and lost consciousness.
"She passed out," Lyndsey recalled.
The girl said that she tried to wake up her grandmother. Unable to arouse her, Lyndsey said she got herself unbuckled, ran across the road -- after looking both ways -- and went into the post office.
Lyndsey said she told those in the post office to call 911, as her mother and father had taught her.
She described herself as being both excited and scared.
Postmaster Tracey Glover checked on Carol Berecek before 911 was called. The car engine was running and the transmission had to be put into park.
Meanwhile, Lyndsey's mother was called at the office of Dr. Joseph Fonagy, a dentist where she's a receptionist.
How this ended: Carol Berecek, who takes insulin for her diabetes, said she felt faint and disoriented and decided to pull over.
"Usually, I stop and rest and I'm OK," she explained.
"Granny, what's the matter?" were the last words she recalled hearing before she passed out.
She was taken by ambulance to Sharon Regional Health System for tests. It could have been worse, had she slipped into a coma.
She said Lyndsey still hasn't gotten over what happened and remains somewhat apprehensive. She doesn't know how Lyndsey was able to open the heavy post office doors.
For her efforts, Lyndsey received her preschool's Super Citizen Award, and Brookfield police have made her a "junior officer."

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