School: Poland Seminary.
Grade: Senior.
Positive influence: My parents, especially my dad, who has always been there to give me advice througout the season.
Best memory: Winning the regional title. Going to the state final four and guarding Lebron James in front of 19,000 people.
Future: Attend college and become a sports agent or corporate lawyer.
School: Chaney
Grade: Senior.
Positive influence: My mother, because through good and bad times she's always been there for me.
Best memory: Every game that we played at Boardman High School.
Future: To attend a college in Ohio and major in accounting.
School: Warren Harding.
Grade: Senior.
Positive influence: Since I came to Harding, the man who had the most influence in my athletic career, other than my father Duan, was coach Frank Bubba. He always pushed me to play at my full potential and has been one of the only ones who has believed in me and what I can do in the future.
Best memory: One of my best games was playing against Farrell High School. The game was dedicated to coach Bubba because it was his former school.
Future: My immediate plans are to play in college on a full scholarship, which I am undecided on where to go and one day make money playing basketball, wherever that may be.
School: New Castle.
Grade: Senior.
Positive influence: My father, because he's always been there for me and helped me in everything I ever did. He pushed me toward all my goals educationally and athletically.
Best memory: Just getting to play the game I love is a living ongoing memory.
Future: Going to college, earn a degree in engineering. Play basketball/enjoy life.
School: Lisbon.
Grade: Senior.
Positive influence: Father. He has shown me all he knows and that has helped me greatly.
Best memory: When we played in front of a sellout crowd at YSU and scoring 35 points in my last game.
Future: Go to school and get my degree in something, but I don't know what.
School: Mineral Ridge.
Grade: Senior.
Positive influence: My parents, coach and teammates have all played important roles in my career. My mother was always there to help me with problems I might have on and off the court. My dad used to get up early every Saturday morning and play one-on-one when I was little. My coach gave me the confidence I needed to become a leader, and without a team I couldn't have done anything.
Best memory from the season: The night in which I broke 1,000 points.
Future: I plan to play basketball at a four-year college while I major in computer science.
School: Bristol.
Grade: Senior.
Positive influence: God -- for giving me the chance to play and the faith I need.
Best memory: Scoring 37 against Sebring in the regional semifinal and making it to the "Big Show."
Future: Go to college and play basketball and major in accounting.
School: Fitch.
Grade: Junior.
Positive influence: Coach Conroy and Coach Beany because they have been with me since the beginning of my career and have taught me all the things I needed to get where I am today.
Best memory: Winning the sectional championship.
Future: Graduate from Fitch and play college ball.
School: Kennedy Catholic.
Grade: Senior.
Positive influence: My dad. He's been really supportive throughout my career.
Best memory: Winning the western final and going to Hershey.
Future: Going to Eastern Michigan on a basketball scholarship.
School: Badger.
Grade: Senior.
Positive influence: Coach Bogan has been the catalyst for my basketball development and success throughout my career. He is a man of integrity whom I can look to for guidance on or off the floor.
Best memory: My favorite memories occured before and after practice when we would have a great time laughing and making fun of each other.
Future: I will be attending Miami University in the fall where I plan to major in both English and secondary education. I would like to be a college professor.
School: Wilson
Grade: Senior.
Positive influence: My dad, Ellis Moody, Jr., because he's always there for me through the up and downs and he always tells me what I'm doing positive on and off the court, but he also tells me the negative things.
Best memory: I have two. 1. When I hit the buzzer beater in the Canton Timken game at the end of the third quarter. 2. When I stole the ball in the Rayen game at their court and made an off balance shot to put the game to overtime.
Future: To get out of school and to attend college but not yet decided.
School: Ursuline.
Grade: Senior.
Positive influence: My father. He always pushed me to do my best. He would never let me give up or quit with anything that has to do with the sport.
Best memory: The Warren Harding game.
Future: Going to college and playing ball there. I would like to major in business management.
School: Kennedy Catholic.
Grade: Senior.
Positive influence: My mom because she always encouraged and supported me.
Best memory: Winning in the playoffs and going to Hershey.
Future: Going to Bowling Green St. University on a baseball scholarship.
School: Springfield.
Grade: Junior.
Positive influence: My parents. They have always been there to encourage me through the good times and the bad.
Best memory: Cutting the nets down at home after our third straight ICL title and 31st consecutive league victory. NE Ohio Inland District Player of the Year. First-team All-Ohio selection.
Future: Go to college and play football or basketball and find a career I can enjoy.
School: Niles
Grade: Senior.
Positive influence: My mother for introducing me to basketball and supporting me throughout my career.
Best memory: The tournament game against Rayen; we dominated every aspect of the game.
Future: I am either attending Mount Union or Westminster to study business and continue my basketball career.
Positive influence: There were two guys. Tony Archibald, Poland's head boys coach who passed away 12 years ago from cancer, and Canfield boys basketball coach John Cullen. I spent a year on his staff and spent a lot of time with him in clinics. Right now, my two assistants, Tom Fender and Brian Nord, are the most influential.
Best memory from the season: Going to Columbus. A lot of people think it wasn't because of what happened, but the opportunity to take a team to Columbus doesn't happen very often.
Future: I love to teach and love to coach, so I'll just continue to do those. I have no interest in looking elsewhere. I've been here 16 years, and I plan to retire in Poland.
XThe 2002 winter All-Stars were chosen by The Vindicator sports staff with input from coaches. They were selected based on their performance during the regular season and tournaments.

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