Marriage licenses
Jeremiah E. Yeagley, 24, of 13622 Main St. Beloit, and Megan E. Blymiller, 22, of same.
Bruce A. Skaggs, 41, of 468 Roselawn St., Lake Milton, and Christina L. Crowley, 33, of same.
Timothy J. Lintner, 25, of 5321 St. Andrews Drive #4, Canfield, and Rebecca A. Macciomei, 26, of same.
Brian A. Barricella, 26, of Austintown, and Dawn M. Miller, 27, of same.
Joseph Santangelo Jr., 33, of Boardman, and Joan M. Cerimele, 37, of same.
Divorces asked
Carrie Vancamp, 2052 Glamorgan, Apt. D, Alliance, vs. Charles J. Vancamp, 245 E. Michigan Ave., Sebring.
Hubert Floyd Jr., P.O. Box 540, St. Clairsville, vs. Tosha N. Floyd, 1840 Market St., #504, Youngstown.
Dissolutions asked
Anthony G. Svatosky, 2024 Chapel Hill Drive, Youngstown, and Pamela A. Svatosky, 32 Massachusetts Ave., Poland.
Scott M. Wright, 258 Shields Road, Youngstown, and Michele L. Wright, Payson, Ariz.
New complaints
Jessica Dlwgosh vs. Shirley Brooks Grace, money.
Sky Bank vs. Amalia M. Coffie et al, foreclosure.
Louis C. Perry et al vs. Fine Friend Tours Inc., money.
Sebastian Rucci vs. Louis Damiani et al, money.
County treasurer vs. William Walker et al, taxes, assessments, penalties and interest, foreclosure and relief.
Ron Hamerick vs. Fredrick W. Martin et al, money.
Clifford A. Chapella et al vs. James R. Hagerty et al, money.
Claudia D. Valencia vs. The Lyden Co. et al, money.
Altegra Credit Co. vs. Alexander Carey et al, foreclosure.
Eileen Sakmar vs. Joseph J. Sakmar et al, money.
National City Bank vs. James F. Pedro et al, foreclosure.
Metropolitan National Bank et al vs. Tresa A. Battisti et al, foreclosure.
American General Finance Inc. vs. Joseph J. Magliocca et al, foreclosure.
American General Finance Inc. vs. Mildred A. Garthwait et al, foreclosure.
Nicholas Galouzis et al vs. Thomas M. Marciano et al, money.
Lucille Bebbs vs. James Conrad, admin. BWC et al, notice of appeal.
County treasurer vs. Genevieve Goldberg et al, taxes, assessments, penalties and interest, foreclosure and relief.
Christine O'Brien et al vs. Christopher Pechatsko et al, money.
B.J. Alan Fireworks Co. Inc. et al vs. State of Ohio, Dept. of Commerce, money and writ of mandamus.
Bank One NA vs. John A. Rovnyak et al, foreclosure and reformation of mortgage.
State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance et al vs. Steve A. Fraley, money.
Bankers Trust of Calif. vs. Victor L. Thacker et al, foreclosure.
Cha'Rese Cross vs. Kevin Sellards et al, money.
Diane Dudek, Zoning Inspector et al vs. Voicestream Wireless et al, money.
April K. Middlebrook vs. Annette Shaffer et al, money.
Suzanne Taylor et al vs. Frances P. Shuttleworth et al, money.
Emmanuel Hazidrosos vs. William West, money.
First Place Bank vs. Kathryn Sherman, money.
Hub Partners XXVI Ltd. vs. Carlos Gonzalez et al, money.
Commercial Financial Corp. et al vs. Anne D. Sink et al, foreclosure, money and relief.
Logangate Builders Inc. vs. Jill L. Horvath, money.
Washington Mutual Bank FA vs. Stefan Borbei et al, foreclosure.
Charter One Bank FSB vs. Stephanie D. Bruton et al, money.
Lois Kelley vs. John Kelley et al, money.
First Place Bank et al vs. Ralph M. Tringhese III et al, foreclosure.
First Place Bank et al vs. Jody L. Vega et al, foreclosure.
First Place Bank et al vs. Ralph M. Creighton et al, foreclosure.
First Place Bank et al vs. Brenda E. Donaldson et al, foreclosure.
First Place Bank et al vs. David A. Hill et al, foreclosure.
First Place Bank et al vs. Lavone G. Thomas et al, foreclosure.
Probate Court
Will of Anna M. Globeck: estate to husband, Stephen.
Will of Emma T. Kish: estate to daughter, Starr M. Belk.
Will of Elizabeth McGee: estate to son, Louis J. Csizmadia.
Real estate transfers
Henry J. Simmons to Lorrie L. Hostetter, Smith Twp., $95,000.
Michael J. Papalia to Glen E. Leavitt, Struthers, $81,000.
David J. Laverock et al to Danyelle Stanley et al, Youngstown, $32,000.
John C. Thompson et al to Joan M. Madej, Poland Twp., $162,000.
John M. Morris et al to Bicher Barmada et al, Boardman Twp., $240,000.
Julia Ann Roberto to Linda A. Davidson, Youngstown, $35,000.
Gary Crim Inc. to International Investments Inc., Youngstown, $176,000.
Benchmark Builders Inc. to Jagdish Singh, Youngstown, $25,500.
Benchmark Builders Inc. to Jagdish Singh, Youngstown, $25,500.
Benchmark Builders Inc. to Jagdish Singh, Youngstown, $25,500.
Steven Boyd to Gene A. Dechristofaro, Youngstown, $24,500.
Gran Mar Inc. to Gerald R. Szoke and et al, Austintown Twp., $119,900.
Ryan McKimon to Arthur J. Denininger, Youngstown, $24,500.
Benchmark Builders Inc. to Arthur J. Deminger, Youngstown, $25,000.
Christine Lowry to Laura M. Sheets, Youngstown, $38,700.
Wells Fargo Bank et al to Jon A. Gray, Youngstown, $7,000.
Charles L. Frazzio Jr. to Will Parker et al, Youngstown, $25,000.
Christopher R. Tock et al to Robert T. Keck et al, Youngstown, $19,000.
James M. Houck to Hugh T. McCracken, Boardman Twp., $96,000.
James L. Pasquale et al to Dale J. Pritchard et al, Youngstown, $56,500.
James Norwood Sr. et al to Heidi Duhon, Jackson Twp., $122,000.
US Bank NA to Richard Pietrowski et al, Austintown Twp., $27,000.
Thomas E. Cunningham et al to Brad L. Pugh et al, Boardman Twp., $62,000.
Robin G. Eisenbrei et al to Mary Lou Lamanna et al, Canfield, $195,000.
Bankruptcies/Chapter 7
John R. Agnew, 155 E. Maryland Ave., Sebring, office manager, Central Waste Inc.; liabilities, $154,922; assets, $61,820.
Wendee Raynes, aka Wendee Rhodes, 3012 E. Garfield Road, New Springfield, customer representative, Cellular One; liabilities, $44,086; assets, $1,831.
Dynell S. Thomas, 202 Gluck St., Youngstown, behavior coach, Lincoln Place; liabilities, $12,695; assets, $1,500.
Lisa M. Bruno, 745 E. Pasadena Ave., Youngstown, none; liabilities, $114,658; assets, $55,400.
Tamicka L. Spivey, 102 W. Boston St., Youngstown, none; liabilities, $21,322; assets, $1,855.
Linda L. Hoover, 415 Rhoda Ave., Youngstown, server/hostess, Johnny's; liabilities, $25,941; assets, $2,551.
Kelly S. Quear, 1807 S. Raccoon Road #23, Youngstown, secretary, Burdman Group Inc.; liabilities, $50,489; assets, $16,702.
Ericca L. White, 174 Roslyn Drive, Youngstown, none; liabilities, $10,939; assets, $1,051.
Barbara J. Baker, 12395 Palmyra Road, North Jackson, cashier, Rocky's Corner Tavern; liabilities, $23,305; assets, $450.
Michael C. Merdich, P.O. Box 2844, Youngstown, truck driver; liabilities, $74,862; assets, $14,250.
Raymond D. Burnworth, 2644 Scheetz St., Youngstown, material handler, Kaufmann's Distribution Center; liabilities, $41,778; assets, $5,650.
Lorraine Daniels, 48 E. Dewey Ave., Youngstown, nursing assistant, Dandridge Manor; liabilities, $21,149; assets, $2,700.
Terry S. Gallagher, aka Terry's Hauling aka Terry's Leaf Removal, hauling, Terry's Hauling; liabilities, $78,372; assets, $2,100.
Shaun P. Maloy, 9450 S. Pricetown Road, Berlin Center, grinder, Country Saw and Knife; liabilities, $14,659; assets, $450.
Tina M. Hughey, 75 Duncan lane, Youngstown, labor worker, Vinyl Source; liabilities, $21,401; assets, $6,505.
Rolanda O. Tucker, 548 W. Glenaven Ave., Youngstown, none; liabilities, $25,649; assets, $1,112.
Sean A. and Shannon M. Gleydura, 45 Park Ave., Struthers, he: forklift operator, Star Extruded Shapes; she: department head, Pat Catan's Crafts; liabilities, $40,653; assets, $2,325.
Luz E. Garcia, 120 S. Bruce St., Youngstown, none; liabilities, $49,750; assets, $28,100.
Bankruptcies/Chapter 13
Kathleen A. Brandt, 525 Purdue Ave., Youngstown, business development rep, GBS Computers Communications; liabilities, $40,914; assets, $60,397.
Harold E. Felger, 254 S. Main St., Youngstown, electrician, Denman Tire Corp.; liabilities, $73,401; assets, $68,769.
William and Donna Markovich aka Donna Martin, aka Donna Comstock, 3451 Lenox Ave., Youngstown, environmental associate, Humility of Mary; she: homemaker; liabilities, $105,880; assets, $33,100.
Jennifer Genco, aka Jennifer Stout, 4051 Columbiana Road, New Springfield, Speedway Super Amer; liabilities, $16,218; assets, $4,810.
James L. and Emma J. Haley, 2301 Volney Road, Youngstown, he: retiree, General Motors Corp.; she: none; liabilities, $60,508; assets, $83,842.
Marcella L. Phillips, 29 N. Fruit St., Youngstown, retired; liabilities, $34,422; assets, $10,710.

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