Jackson-Milton voters should approve school

Jackson-Milton voters should approve school
I go to Jackson-Milton High School and unlike many of my peers am not ashamed or embarrassed to attend here. From the time my father attended J-M, the morale at my school has plummeted. This dramatic decline of school spirit has puzzled me since I arrived at the high school three years ago.
My father tells me stories about the incredible amount of community involvement in his sports. Hearing this and comparing it with my own experiences makes me feel as though something has been taken from me.
Why should I have to constantly hearing negative comments about my school, my town and my teachers, who try harder than anyone to fix the situation? And why when a new, positive idea -- for example, a new school -- comes about, are there so many people to take it down?
I'll admit some of the athletic programs at our school have been accepting mediocrity for much too long, and our school's report card is completely unacceptable. The community has, however, acquired many new leaders determined to see it thrive once again.
It disgusts me to hear what some of my peers say about my school. It saddens me that I am already labeled with a stereotype by students from other schools.
I can only hope that on May 7, when it is time for my community to vote, that this negativity is stopped by voting to build a new school. Or this community will vote to continue to ignore the feelings of the youth. I can only hope that the taxpayers will do the right thing.
North Jackson
X The writer is a student of Eric Eye at Jackson-Milton High School.
Buccella is doing well in the job he was hired for
This letter is in response to your April 3, "demanding a public answer" concerning George Buccella's employment with the Trumbull County Health Department and his testimony against James Traficant.
Mr. Buccella was hired to work as an ombudsman with the general public, to work with the political subdivisions within the county, to act as our chief representative within the community at local meetings and in general to use his extensive professional experience in public service to help the department become a better, more efficient government entity. George Buccella has done his job he was hired to do and has done it well.
At the time the position of administrator was created at the Trumbull County Health Department, 20 other health departments within the state of Ohio had administrators. This is not a position unique to Trumbull County.
Mr. Buccella has been employed at the Trumbull County Health Department since May 1, 2000. There have been absolutely no complaints about his work at the department during this nearly two-year time span. You quoted Doug Burchett in your article as stating Mr. Buccella is unqualified for his job. Fascinating when put into the context that Doug Burchett seconded the motion that gave Mr. Buccella a "professional bonus" for doing an excellent job as administrator for the Trumbull County Health Department.
I agree the "public" deserves to know what is going on, too. The board majority is stripping Mr. Buccella of his responsibilities not because he is unqualified and not because he has not served the public well, but because of a political vendetta.
Mr. Buccella testified for the prosecution against the very powerful James Traficant and now there is a call for his termination. One has to question whether political corruption is dead in the Mahoning Valley. Because a man does his civic duty and testifies honestly against a corrupt political official, you will teach him and others like him a lesson by putting his livelihood in jeopardy.
Those who are calling for Mr. Buccella's termination now are the ones who should be explaining themselves.
X The writer is a member of the Trumbull County Board of Health.